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December 17, 2018


Mary Kastner

I haven't read any of these. Please keep us informed on how you like them. MY reading has been lax the past couple of weeks just getting everything else together. I finally feel like it is under control until I start thinking about all the cooking that has to happen next week. Carry on!


Linda Smith

I tend to read quite a bit but rather than adding a lot of fiction titles to my shelves, I use a Kindle e-reader and borrow them from our library so I don't have to find space to keep more books. It took a while to get used to using an e-reader but I really make use of it now. And I love to take it with me when I travel. Do let us know what you think of these new books - I really appreciate recommendations.

Barbara Anne

I'm planning to read Patrick Taylor's Irish Country Doctor series - if the person who c checked out the 1st book will ever return it!!

currently I'm reading Cora Harrison's series set in 16th century Ireland.

My reading has been slowed down by Christmas preparations, too.

Tanks for the reviews ands I look forward to hearing how you like these books.



I haven't read any of those 3 books, but the first one, Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, sounds like one that I would enjoy. I look forward to your review. I've read a few books that you've recommended and enjoyed them.

I tend to buy a few books at a time and I do a lot of borrowing from our local library. I was thrilled to have reached my goal of reading 30 books this year. I know, it pales in comparison to your reading list!

A. Bouwman

Thank you for your book lists, I can not always find all the books in the library but I have read different autors due to the books you have mentioned and I love it.

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