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January 03, 2019


Mary Kastner

That is impressive Nicole. NIce job!



Nicole, you are so productive. Love the quilts.


Congratulations on so many lovely finishes!

T Holzer

Wow, Nicole! How can I look at your blog all of the time and still forget some of these quilts?? I've got my travel tote bag 75% done and its looking great.
Did you make a list of your '19 goals??

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!! Your finishes put me to shame as I'm still such a slow poke! You should be proud of yourself, girlfriend!


Debbie R.

Wow! What a (first-half-of-the) year. So many lovely quilts, large and small. Impressive. Inspiring. Can't wait to see your look back at the second half of the year, and to see what you accomplish in 2019! Thanks for sharing.


amazing how much you accomplish in a year! you're my inspiration.


Wow they are all amazing! Congrats to all the finishes:-)

Patricia Ludwiczak

Just beautiful! Even though they make me feel like a slacker, I love to see your work. Thanks for sharing!

Teresa Justice

Wow, I am impressed. Beautiful completed quilts.


Triangle Gatherings is a marvelous quilt! I like the fabric colors and the block designs.

Claire Drake

All beautiful!!
the valentine's one, do you remember the pattern name?? Love it. Can't wait to see the other months!

Stephanie L. Davison

Such lovely quilts! There's not a one I wouldn't want in my home.

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