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January 04, 2019



You've made some really beautiful quilts in 2018! Hope 2019 will be a great year for you too:-) BTW did you ever share a picture of the finished Aurora quilt? Would love to see it!

Mary Kastner

Congratulations Nicole. FIne job. Love it all. I love all the table toppers and I think Aurora is on the top of my list.



They're small & fun so Christmas Pines & Three Trees are on my list to try this coming year! It seems that we go through cycles with quilting from no mojo to prolific. Your quilts are beautiful & you should be proud of so many finishes this past year!

Barbara Anne

Lovely and delightful, one and all! So gald you had the time and energy plus the inspiration to make these marelous quilts! Applause!!


Linda Smith

You have a real eye for pattern and fabric choice.
Have fun in 2019!


You sure had a productive year, with a lot of lovely quilts to show for it. I'm working on Aurora now, it will be a gift for my mom.


What a beautiful review. You quilts are an inspiration to all of us.

T Holzer

Savouring is good!!!


so many gorgeous finishes!


I like your year-end review, Nicole. I don't know if I've ever told you that way back 10 years or so, I came across your blog, found that your style closely matched my own, and that led me to start my own blog. I thank you for being my inspiration, and after all these years, I still follow your blog, while many others have bitten the proverbial dust! I hope your 2019 is equally productive!

Debbie R.

A beautiful year in quilts!


You definitely were prolific in 2018. They are all lovely.


Beautiful quilts and projects.


Love all of he quilts and runners you made! Wow, prolific is right! You're always an inspiration to try something new or finish something. Happy 2019!

Jennifer in Indy

So many great runners in this group! I bet your tables look great!

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