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January 08, 2019


Mary Kastner

This movie is on my list. We went last week to "Beale Street" and I was really disappointed -OK but nothing new IMHO. A lady there had just come out of Mary Queen of Scots when we were leaving and said she really liked it. Have fun and be warm!


Barbara Anne

A recliner in the movie theater? Bliss! Of course, I'd be likely to doze off if I was reclining. :)




Glad you enjoyed your private screening! The 'multiplex' in our Smalltown, USA has gotten one of their theaters (out of four) fitted with the new recliners. We haven't partaken because both of us feel like it's a recipe to fall asleep & miss the movie!


That's great for you! I think the last time I watched a movie in a cinema it's about a year ago because it's so expensive and I know about half a year later I can buy the movie on dvd for the same price.

Susan W

You are there during the Palm Springs International Film Festival!

A great time to take in films from many countries-


Sally LaPrad

Last January you posted a great list of books read in 2017. Any good suggestions for this new year?


Looks like fun!

Anne Simonot

I love seeing movies in the theater! Same problem here though — heavy focus on the superhero/youth/big hit movies, so I miss many films I’d like to see.

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