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January 07, 2019



Enjoy your mini vacation!

Robby H.

That top photo leaves me with much envy! A good knife can make even vacation cooking a more enjoyable experience. Since you'd be traveling with it, you might want to look for one at a restaurant supply store. They tend to be adequate when treated decently, but aren't expensive so if something happens to it or you accidentally leave it behind it isn't a big loss. They are also happy to go through the dishwasher if you put them where nothing will bang against the edge.

Mary Kastner

Enjoy every minute of your getaway. It is cold and rainy up here and more on the way. Stay as long as you can!



The landscaping at the resort looks fabulous in your photo. Must try one of your recipes.


That looks like a great place to get away after the busy holiday season! Enjoy your visit in the sunshine!

Lisa D.

Enjoy your vacation - it sounds delightful!

Barbara Anne

What a lovely place to get away to! Thanks for the recipe links, too. A belated YUM!

Have fun!


Debbie R.

Enjoy your getaway!

Linda Smith

That chicken recipe sounds so good and easy, too. I think I will try it myself. Thanks!

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