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January 10, 2019


Mary Kastner

I have missed some of those and they sound interesting. Thank you! Always a good thing to have a review. You had a prolific year of quilting and reading. Retirement is a good thing except it means I am getting older too!



I always enjoy your book reviews and have read a few of the books that you recommended. I am currently listening to the Gustov Sonata (audio book) while I am in the kitchen prepping meals and am enjoying it. I read mostly mysteries, but based on your reviews I have started reading other types of stories and that's a good thing!

Shannon M Conley

THanks so much for sharing more of your book recommendations. I'm always excited to see what other people like and have added several of these to my goodreads list!


Looks like we have enjoyed some of the same books! I absolutely loved News of the World, and have also adored the Sally Gunning books, all of which I found wonderful. The Miniaturist was so original and engrossing,, I loved An American Marriage. Here's to more reading in 2019!

Barbara Anne

More interesting books to read - thank you!

In the current mary Englebreit wall calendar, there is a free framable art print of her drawing titled "The World Belongs to those who READ". I rdered the calendar and was surprised to discover the print, too.



I have to thank you...after you mentioned reading the Poldark series, I went back and gave it another shot. I'd gotten bogged down at the 5th book. I'm now reading book 11 and am so glad I decided to try again!


I actually have three of the books right now because there were in my library.
'Something in the Water' was so not my book. I read the frist the few pages, looked at the last few nad put it aside. It's really boring IMO.
'The Miniaturist' was better but also I didn't read the whole book this Amsterdam world was just not me. And I hate it when the first Chapter in the book is from the timeline the last event. I just don't like this narrative style.
I still have to read 'An Ammerican Marriage'.
Another book I read in the last week (and this one from start to finish) was 'Night Moves' by Jonathan Kellerman.

Linda Smith

I started "Something in the Water" and gave up on it before I was halfway through the book. After your comments on it, I may reconsider and pick it up again. Thanks for your reviews.


Perfect timing, I finished The Gown this morning and was needing a book recommendation. My 2018 goal was to read 24 books, I read 64, which I thought was pretty good until I saw your total, 102! Amazing! Educated was my favorite read of the year, Heft was my second favorite. I've recommended both to everyone I know who reads. I think I'll start News of the World, sounds like a nice change of pace.

Cathy Burk

I just love these book reviews that you periodically do. Reading is high on my 2019 list of priorities! I read some great books last year, but not as many as I had hoped. I’m going to give some of your recommendations a try this year! Many thanks! Happy 2019!


I always enjoy your reviews and have read several of your recommendations. It's good to know there are still book readers in the world!


Always love your book reviews as they don't disappoint! Wish I was a more prolific reader though, seems I love audio books a lot more than hard copies as I can do two things at once. Am looking forward to your audio recommendations :)

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