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January 31, 2019


Mary Kastner

Good news on all fronts. Looking forward to seeing all those blocks together! They look great and so does Ozzie.


Barbara Anne

Yep, I second Mary's comment! Well done in plowing ahead with these string block units. :)


Sue Slater

I had to go back in the blog to see what had happened to poor Ozzie. So sorry. I must say,I want to go to your vet. Mine would have charged three times that. East Coast prices I guess.
Am dealing with a coned dog myself these days, baby-sitting during the day for daughter's dog recovering from cancer surgery. My own had a torn ligament in December and is recovering from her own surgery. What we do for our babies!
Have a good February! Hoping for warmer weather here in the east.


So happy to see that Ozzie is mending nicely! Probably a good thing for him to have Remy for company while he’s recuperating. Oh! And congrats on the red block finish! The quilt is going to be adorable!


Those reds are lovely! Glad Ozzie is doing well. Have a lovely weekend. ;p

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Kudos on getting rid of the wrap and the cone, Ozzie. Now be careful.

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