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January 28, 2019



That is one of my biggest pet peeves! We camp at a state lake near us and there are signs everywhere to keep pets on leashes and pick up after them. Very few people obey the rules. We always keep our dogs leashed and pick up after them. A couple of years ago a huge unleashed dog came after my little yorkie(who was leashed). Thankfully I was able to grab him up in time.


Well, I don’t blame you at all for being upset. It’s too bad that Ozzie has to suffer because of the inconsideration of neighbors.I hope he heals quickly and soon.


Poor Ozzie! I don't blame you, either, for being upset. Even if the dogs are good dogs, the owners should definitely be out walking with them and picking up their excrement.


I don't own a dog, but unresponsible dog owners drive me crazy and get me rialed up too. So sorry about Ozzie. Is it time for a neighborly talk?

Mary Kastner

First of all, poor Ozzie and I am so sorry this happened. terrible ordeal for both of you! DOes your town have a leash law? Maybe you could check and then it is simple report the dog. Second plan, I would make a copy of the vet bill and add a note (be nice) explaining what happened and ask for reimbursement. They definitely do need a wake up call. It is so irresponsible. Poor Ozzie. I hope he is feeling a bit better. They hate those cone things and I am sure you do too. Hope today goes a whole lot better Nicole.


Barbara Anne

Awwwww ... bless Ozzie's heart and other parts. Hope his ear heals quickly so he can be done with the cone and head wrap soon. Good thing his eye escaped injury.

As for Rover and his irresponsible owners, h hope there is a leash law and you can file a report.

Remy is a cutie!


Sherry V.

I thought you said that you were going to rant. What you posted seems like a very legitimate complaint.

Poor Ozzie. I hope he is feeling better soon.

We have always had at least 1 dog and they stay in our fenced yard or on a leash and we always carry pick up bags.

We camp quite a bit during the year and it never ceases to amaze me of how many people walk their dogs and just don't pick up after them. Some campgrounds that we used to go to have gone to a "no dog" campground because of problems that they have had.

I would contact your town hall and see if there is anything that can be done. . . of course the problem lies in the fact that the house is not used on a regular, consistent basis.

Of course, there is also the issue of caring for their animal. They obviously don't care about Rover's health and safety since they don't know where he is or what he is getting into.

People like them don't deserve companion animals of any kind.


We live in the "country." Five acres +/-. People who live in the "country" think it's okay to allow their dogs to roam. Yet my dogs know where our boundaries are and they NEVER cross them. I wonder how that happened :). The neighborly chat suggested in another comment does not produce results and in fact makes the situation more difficult. If I call animal control, it's ages before they arrive. The dogs are gone by then. So in the end we are responsible for their dogs. Not unlike children in the supermarket. Well, that's for another day. Get well soon, Ozzie.

Loris Mills

Amen to your rant! I'm so sorry to see what poor Ozzie has had to go through. My life pretty much revolves around my animals. We love dogs and live in a neighborhood full of people with dogs. Most are very attentive to respecting their dog's needs as well as their neighbors. But many who visit are not. Loose animals are not being kept safe. And even in off leash dog walking areas...that doesn't mean you relinquish control of your dog. Don't let them approach on leash dogs unless they have permission....that's my personal rant.
I hope Ozzie heals quickly. And that the offenders get reported to animal control.


I'm sorry but I had to laugh a bit about yur rant.
I mean poor Ozzie and all and surely your neighbors shouldn't allowed Rover to run free but isn't it also a bit Ozzie's own fault?
As far as I understand from your story Rover was just on the other side of the fence doing nothing, right? I mean even if Rover would have been on a leash and somebody would have been with him (and there I am totall in agrrement with you I would never allowed a do to roam free) Ozzie would still have run into the wire.
I hope it heals quickly and perhaps you can talk to your neighbors and make them understand that they should not allowed Rover to be without a leash.


Yikes, poor silly dog. There are of unthinking people in the world.

Karen Johnson

Rant away! I feel the same way! It bugs me no end when people yell out "he/she's friendly" when their unleashed dog approaches my socially inept chihuahua mix who is of course always leashed.


Poor Ozzie! And I feel for your rant. It isn't being a responsible pet owner to allow a dog to roam at will. We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, and mostly their owners pick up their droppings. But there was one man (who has since moved away) who would deliberately go into peoples yards and let his dog bless it :-( Not nice at all!


Oh my gosh! That poor sweet boy! He looks so sad & sore. Good thing he had his cousin Remy to keep him company over the weekend! We live on 40 acres & with all that space you’d think we wouldn’t be invaded by neighbors’ dogs—and cats!!! Nope. They still manage to come irritate our dogs! We go the ‘track the owners down’ route & sometimes get an unpleasant reaction but we rarely see those animals wandering our way anymore. Extra treats & snuggles to Ozzie from me today!!!!🐶💕


yikes. poor ozzie. :( I feel the same about unleased dogs. I live in a suburban neighborhood with lots of cars and there are owners who do the same. They are confident THERE dog won't go out in the street in front of a car.

Our dog is friendly with some dogs but not with others. It's like running an obstacle course sometimes. Crossing streets. Avoiding streets where I know the owners leave their dog to wander unsupervised. ugh. It's also illegal here but it doesn't stop it. :(

Get better, Ozzie boy!


Poor Ozzie!!! I walk my dogs on a leash and clean up their messes. It infuriates me when a dog charges mine and the other dog is unleashed. The last time, one of mine snapped at the unleashed dog. The guy wasn't even bother enough to come after his dog even while I am pulling my dogs away and into the street and in the way of oncoming traffic to keep my dogs from a biting incident.

Leashes are not just because a person thinks their dog is a good dog... They are to protect your dog and other dogs from each other.

People don't get it!!!

Hope you and Ozzie are feeling better!

Clair M Becker

Poor Ozzie is right. I totally agree with you. There isn't a day that goes by on our neighbor hood list serve that a dog has been lost or found. If you are a pet owner be responsible to take care of your pet so they will cause no harm to others.


Poor Ozzie, that's just how our quiet cockapoo Nell would have reacted. How dare that big dog prowl along his fence. I hope he recovers soon.

Karen Dudley

I am so sorry Ozzie (and you) have had to go through this. I hope he doesn’t have to wear the cone long. I know how they hate it. I had a small dog attacked by an unleashed dog, and was also the keeper of a very reactive dog for some time - unleashed dogs are a nuisance unless you live in the country. If there is a leash law in your community I would try to talk to the owner of the offending dog. If he/she is not receptive I would have no qualms about calling animal control repeatedly until the message is received. ;). I understand Ozzie launched himself into the fence, but if he had been attended, the incident likely would have been avoided.
On a much more positive note, I am so happy to have found your blog, I came across it when I was researching stabilizers for fabric baskets. I looked back at some of your finished things and just love them! I am so fond of the reproduction prints and traditional quilts. I took a beginning quilting class almost five years ago, dabbled a bit, and then put it away. The bug has bit me hard now, and I will be reading along as youquilt in 2019.


We were walking on the boardwalk near us, four dogs came running up. They seem to know that I am not keen on dogs unless it is in a controlled setting. Despite there being four of us I was the one with dogs jumping all over me. The owner said not to worry because they don't bite. My legs were covered in scratches from the dogs nails. I was pretty annoyed.

I love the look of concern on Remy's face. Poor Ozzie. Hopefully he is feeling better soon and loses the cone.


Oh poor Ozzie. And a pox on those neighbors. My sister's neighbor's dogs run amok in her yard leaving their bombs, until my sister finally put up a fence. Then they just run at the fence and up and down barking at our dogs. They are small dogs, but nasty barkers and aggressive. Our dog lacerated the skin around his eye running between the fence and a tree-had a stick poking out. I would never let mine out when her dogs were out, but she never returned the favor. I was so glad when our house was done and we could move out of my sister's house and away from those yappers!


Aww poor Ozzie. Welshie's have a real sense of ownership and space. I don't blame Ozzie for feeling like that massive dog was in his space. Those kind of people exist and are oblivious to anything that doesn't affect what is important to them. I call that beyond rude and certainly inconsiderate. Cheering for Ozzie to heal fast and don't let "Rover" harsh his mellow.

Theresa J

Our town has a leash law. So many people have such good dogs they don’t feel bound by law. There are piles of poop all over the place. From the “nice” dogs:/


Oh my, I feel so bad for Ozzie,and you too. What an awful thing. I have lived in CA most of my 61 years. People here seem to have no regard to property lines. I just don't get it. Makes me crazy. Your rant is well founded. A beefier fence might be in order. Good pet owners don't let their 'nice' dogs run amok. Hope Ozzie is on the road to recovery. I spent a couple of months last year with a broken legged kitty. Nightmare!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Poor Oz. I hope he’s healing nicely.

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