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February 25, 2019



Very interesting.... I have always wanted to make a pineapple block...your samples are lovely.

June Aycock

Thank you so much for the pineapple ruler review! I bought the Creative
Grids to make a bunch of small blocks for the Long Time Gone quilt. I am
Left handed and didn’t review the trimming guidelines as closely as I should have so
My first two were a little wonky. I did get perfect blocks after I read the
Directions a few times. Love the ruler. You just saved me from investing
In another brand. Thank you for taking the time.


Thanks for this review!
I love both versions but I'm with you less trimming and a better block are preferable!


I finally got the hang of using the Creative Grids ruler and I love it. I loved it so much, I bought the other size and proceeded to empty out my scrap bin. Don't care for the "thin" look created by that particular size bloc loc, a wider strip one would be more to my liking, but then again---why fix what isn't broken?
Your work is spectacular and I love the green!

Lin McQuiston

Thank you for this review. I have both sizes of the Creative Grids ruler and a Gyleen Fitzgerald pineapple ruler. I have been cutting and saving 2” strips for some time to make a pineapple quilt. Perhaps this will be the year. Your table runner looks fabulous!


Thanks for the review. Love your Irish green runner with little twinkles of blue!

pam hansen

Four trims versus eight per round is a no brainer for me as that is fewer opportunities for error. Hope your review gets shared by any who entertain pineapple blocks.


Thanks so much for this review. I feel like you give unbiased reviews and tell us truthfully what you like and don’t like about the things you mention in your blog. Btw, recently I told you that I had purchased, but not tried, Doug Leko’s folded corner ruler, which you highly recommend. Well, I‘ve used it now! Umpteen flying geese and folded corner units later, I can say that I whole heartedly agree with you. That’s a very helpful tool to own. Hope your weather is improving!


That runner is going to be great for St. Patrick's Day! I frequently refer to your posts to see how you approached a process because I appreciate your clear directions. Thanks for helpful reviews that aren't trying to 'sell' a particular product!

Robby H.

Thanks for sharing your research with us, you always do such a nice job of comparing things. A pineapple quilt is on that bucket list. I expect mine will be made with a Creative Grids ruler, I've really come to like them for so many things. And those green blocks are a breath of Spring!


Great review, good to know the pros and cons. I am linking to a photo of your green pinwheel puzzle for my blog post tomorrow, I am making one using your green example. Thanks for the idea! Wonder if I can get it done before St Pat's Day? LOL


Great comparison and love the blocks....think I like your St Pat's and sounds like that was a better choice for ruler. Thanks Nicole...

T Holzer

Interesting, Nicole. Thanks so much.

Barbara Anne

Good information and well done on the wee strip pineapple blocks!


Debbie R.

Thanks for that informative review. It's good to know about tools that are well worth their price. Love your fresh greens table runner!

Mary Kastner

Thank you so much Nicole. A fabulous honest review and very detailed. very helpful!

Patty Fowl

Thank you for your excellent review of these 2 pineapple rulers. Love pineapple blocks/quilts and think I need to add one to the list for 2019! Your runner and table topper are both wonderful!


Thank you so much for this great review. I have been gathering blues and creams to make a pineapple quilt for some time now. I was looking at the creative grid ruler this weekend and just hadn’t decided yet. I know now that I will pick that one. Thank you! Love your blocks too.

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