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February 28, 2019


Mary Kastner

Please tell me you are right about the weather change. I am so tired of this and I NEED SUN! You are busy getting blocks finished. Good job on these!


Stephani in N. TX

Love your runner with ALL the Fig Tree fabrics in it. Up close I see lots of favorite fabrics, and not much neutral space, like a gypsy skirt, only planned. I recently discovered my bin of leftover Fig Tree fabrics is the heaviest bin I own. Contains many FQ and parts of left-over jelly rolls. I've been buying her fabrics/patterns since she was in business with someone else. One or two of my Fig Tree quilts are my lifetime favorite quilts. Since I've been stirring up that bin, likely there will be another Fig Tree quilt soon. Am eyeing Rosehips.

Barbara Anne

"Sweet Clover" is just the ticket to welcome spring! Applause!

Jelly Ohs is delightful and I love the fabrics. Perhaps you have a perfect lighter background fabrics in your stash? I keep all of my very light fabrics together for just this reason.

Sunny but chilly here today and I hope to do more machine quilting. Yesterday I made a scratch Oatmeal cake so did not sew. With lupus fatigue you choose what to use your energy doing.



Cute runner! The fabrics DO scream Spring...or at least whisper it right now! Would some of Fig Tree's current light backgrounds work since the lines seem to compliment one another? It's nice to be in your sewing room no matter what the outside temperature is!


Love your sweet little table runner!
If you know which fabric collection it was you might always be lucky and find some light backgrounds or you just switch to some newer Fig Tree ones.


Lovely runner, and I love the Jelly-O project. I guess March depends on where you live. I am hoping it's Spring for us!


oh, I still have scraps of some of that fabric. I think it was Dandelion Girls. Not sure. ;p

Nancy Stevens

So pretty.


I bought some of their fabrics with the butterscotch in it too. I made a quilt and had a horrible time finding colors that went well with it. Finally I found yardage on Etsy and got it finished, well, the top is finished. Love your table runner.


Oh, all those colors look yummy especially with that pattern! Maybe you can make the block smaller? You'd have to make a lot more but it would be cute! All Fig Tree fabric plays nice together so you might be able to pick something up that coordinates or pick up one of her cream bundles she lists on her website for a scrappy look. Can't wait to see what you make!

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