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February 07, 2019



That poor dear, not the ice cream!! LOL Can't wait to see the progress on your new project.

Mary Kastner

Love your fabric selection. It looks like a fun quilt. Ice cream priorities - my kind of girl!



Glad the ice cream is at the top of the priority list! So...another American Pie quilt? How many does this make? 3 or 4? Can't wait to see how it turns out, Carrie's patterns lend themselves to any style of fabric so well!


Glad Sara has priorities right and is eating the ice cream first;-)
Love all of Carrie's patterns they are so well written and fun to make.


The colors you’ve chosen a really pretty. And, I agree that Carrie Nelson’s patterns are great in so many ways! Losing power over a long period can be stressful but it sounds as if Sara is coping!

Robby H.

I've always liked those quarter blocks you're making. So many ways to lay them out.

I think your daughter might be a good woman to have around in an emergency. The ability to prioritize is never more critical than when there is ice cream involved.


those small hst will make a great little project! I love the fabric choices. ;p

Debbie R.

Looks like a nice project. And I love that the leftovers will make another thing or two. Glad to hear that the ice cream won't go to waste!

Barbara Anne

Wonderful fabrics, indeed and I look forward to seeing this quilt - in due time!

Can Sara move the meat to your freezer? Ice cream by latern light sounds nice.

How did I miss this post?


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