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February 06, 2019



Isn’t it fun having a snow day? When my children were in school, before I went back to work, I used to love snow days for the very same reasons you mentioned - lazy day, baking cookies. A bonus day! I’m so glad you had Eva with you - what a special day.

Mary Kastner

WE had snow up on Mt. DIablo. IT looked so pretty and it is 31 degrees here this morning. At least I saw the sun yesterday! Your picture is so pretty and it sounds like you had a lovely day. Those times are so precious!


Robby H.

I think everyone needs a "snow day" now and then. The spontaneous chance to do whatever you like, even if that is not much of anything. Snowing here today, but I must go do my errands and whatnot anyway.

Barbara Anne

The "Life id Good" tee shirt folks have a SNOW Day tee shirt that's a hoot. Their little sick figure is bundled up and making a snow angel.

So glad you and Eva had a snow day together. What unexpected fun!


Terry Phelps

We got a little in Lake County and it was cold

Debbie R.

Well, no matter the amount of snow, having a snow day is always a bonus!


Yup. It’s snow day worthy from the pictures you shared! I’m in Anchorage babysitting with a friend where it’s 27 degrees. Balmy weather compared to back home in Wyoming that’s at -7 degrees this morning!! It sounds as if you & Eva shared a nice day off!

Arrowhead Gramma

On the weekend here in the So. California mountains, we had seven inches of rain, then slush and finally 8 inches of snow yesterday. Our plow fellow arrived at 12:30 this morning to clear our lane. Our high today was about 26 degrees and will be in the teens again tonight.
One nice benefit is that our lake is filling up after being low for the last few years due to the drought.

Debby Gorman

A Grandma Day is always worth putting up with a little bad weather. And Grandma cookies taste better because they are seasoned with extra Love. You go girls!

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