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February 11, 2019


Mary Kastner

Hmmm, I am with you. Pretty pictures but not my kind of weather. Hate to tell you this but the daffodils are blooming in the Creek. MY door is open for company Nicole-anytime! šŸ˜€

Barbara Anne

A winter wonderland, indeed! Enjoy it and take lots of photos for framing so you all can keep the memories of lovely snow!

As a retired nurse, I applaud your cautions about your DH risking those knees!



wow! that is a lot of snow. did they cancel school againa?


Time to quilt. Happy 12th blog anniversary tomorrow. I do enjoy your adventures.


Wow! I can't imagine this much snow in California!


Welcome to my world. We are getting a foot starting this afternoon. Now that both my husband and I are retired I want to be a snowbird and go to Florida for three months but he actually loves winter so it looks like Iā€™m stuck!

Sue Slater

I was off-line for your anniversary post but I wanted to add my thanks to you for your blog. I began following you about the time you had two dogs, one a bit of a problem and went with your husband during the week to avoid conflicts at home. Can't remember the names, but I remember the situation. I was first attracted to your blog by the header which I remember being a lovely blue and white quilt. That should date the time. Over the years, your book reviews have been shared with my book group and we have had some wonderful reads thanks to you. So, even though blogs have lost some of their popularity, I really enjoy yours and hope to be reading it for many years. Thank you.

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