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February 21, 2019



What about quilting it with Baptist Fans.

Rebecca Ball My Creative Stitches has a great stars and swirls, but if you search on "west" it will give you a bunch of alternatives. It seems to be my go to pattern of late. I use it a lot on patriotic quilts as well. It is computerized if your quilter does that.


I second the Baptist Fan suggestion. I looked at this quilt and immediately thought that pattern would be lovely.

Mary Kastner

I LOVE this quilt. I am excited to see it again quilted. Great job on it.


Mary Kastner

WOuld you share the pattern name ? I tried to look at some old posts because you probably already did this but I couldn't find it. THanks in advance!


Nancy Watkins

I am probably boring but I love a smaller meandering on everything. I was always sorry I did not make this one,

Barbara Anne

Lovely quilt! I had my quilter use a pattern called "Exquisite" but have no idea what company made it. It was a beautiful swirling pattern.



That's great you were able to find fabric from the same line! I like the swirls with a few scattered stars quilting idea so the baskets remain the focus. I made Chicken Noodle Casserole for dinner last night. I combined the two recipes using less mayonnaise, peas & carrots & a couple of ounces less noodles. It's going to be a keeper! Looking forward to the cake recipes!


Lovely quilt. I don't think stars would be a bad choice. Cake, did someone say cake!!!


I love this quilt!


Beautiful quilt and glad you could find a border fabric!
How about a wavy line quilting (like Camille Roskelley has on her Stars & Strips quilt) but set diagonally to highlight the baskets?

Karen F.

Lovely quilt! I agree with another poster that Baptist Fan would be perfect for this and would be very appropriate for the time period of your repros.


Gorgeous quilt.


Beautiful quilt.

Sharon Tucker

I too think BF would be good quilting, but only if your quilter has a computer and doesn't consider this custom. It's not the easiest pattern to machine quilt and some definitely do it better than others. What about an all over open styled feather? I don't have a computer on my machine, but I have a panto called Fantasia and it's lovely. Not too dense, gives movement with the feather plumes and some swirls.


I remember that quilt! Love it! Glad you found the fabric to make it larger.

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