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February 15, 2019


Barbara Anne

This sounds like a delicious recipe and I know many will enjoy having it. Alas, about two years ago, I may have been bitten by a Lone Star tick (they have spread across the south and up the east coast) so can no longer digest beef. Those ticks have some sort of enzyme that reacts to an enzyme in beef. Look it up. It It is a bummer.


Mary Kastner

Looks like a delicious soup. Thank you for the recipe. I am so ready for sunshine. Rain, rain go away!

Linda Smith

Beef barley stew is a favorite of mine. The recipe I use is much like yours but I simmer mine in my crock pot. Any leftovers seem to be even better tasting than the first day.

Nancy Watkins

Yum...this looks great! Thank you! I am so sick of snow here in WI!


I didn't have time to comment on your anniversary blog but I am so happy you are continuing to blog. I feel as I am reading news from an old friend. We have many of the same "taste" in fabric and colors and I love reading. Thanks for recipe today.

Jody Randall

Thanks for sharing recipe. You shared a Chicken Noodle Casserole recipe 3-4 years ago. It's now one of our family favorites! In fact I just made that a couple weeks ago.


I know that I'm late, but happy belated blog anniversary! I took a few days away from my computer last week and instead, spent the morning time with my nose in a book. Two Nights by Kathy Reichs. A departure from her Bones characters and which was an easy read.
Thanks for sharing the recipe. It's always welcoming to get some new meal ideas. With the recent extreme cold here in Northern Alberta, soup and stews are on the menu a lot!


Thanks for the idea, made it yesterday in snowy Minnesota. Will enjoy it for lunch for several days!

Barbara Anne

Jody mentioned your chicken casserole recipe. Where might I find that? Thanks!


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