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February 08, 2019


Mary Kastner

Love the table topper and your decorations and love your trip story even more. What a nice day for you! Have a great weekend Nicole.


Barbara Anne

How delightful to spend a day playing with a friend! More delightful to fin the candles you needed for this lovely table decor



Love this story! And why should you regret spending a day with a good friend and have a fun time? I wouldn't regret it either.
But your story also proofs that you find the things you are looking for if you stoplooking for them. How often do I need a gift for a friend or the perfect jeans or other items? Do I find them when I'm looking? No, of course not. But a few days or weeks later they are suddently in front of me.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your new table topper (perhaps invite your friend over for coffee and show her your perfect candle match).


Very pretty on your table and a great story!


Now that’s what I call a BFF. What fun to have a friend like that. Bear paws are perfect for any occasion.

Sara F

I am hand quilting the same project and was thinking the same thing about the color being hard to match with other decor. Love your results.


Ha! I'd say that was a "win-win-win" situation! :)


I think spur-of-the-moment things usually turn out to be more fun than over-planning sometimes! What a nice day out with your friend. I’ll bet you made your steps goal too! The candles look just right on the topper with your Eiffel Tower!

pam hansen

Good for the two of you to act on the impulse and have a great day.
Your table topper is quite handsome.


lol @ "seven hours after our morning walk..." ;p Hey, I ALWAYS find cute stuff at Hallmark. Of course, another addictive place is Home Goods. ;p

Really, some places just have great marketing people running it. Target keeps stepping up their game, too. I can just 'look around' for an hour in Target.

I also love your Eiffel Tower figure. You got to see it in real life you lucky lady. Have a lovely weekend and stay warm. It's freezing cold here.


That is such a wonderful story!!! I am sure there is a life lesson in there, but I am not going to search for it, just enjoy the humor!


How fun to spend time with your friend. That was worth the trip.

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