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February 13, 2019


Linda Enneking

Congratulations on twelve years of blogging. I certainly hope you continue on for many more years. Yours is the first blog I read every morning. I enjoy seeing the projects you make, and also the photos of them on display in your home. Your taste in decorating is similar to mine, and your photos are an inspiration to me. Thanks for all the pleasure you have brought me over the years.


Congratulations Nicole, that is an amazing accomplishment, blogging 12 years. You made me think about my blog, I would have guessed that I have been blogging for 8 years so I checked,, August will be my 10th year of blogging! I'll need to celebrate. Remember how back in the day blogs were just quilters sharing their quilting lives, now it seems to be all business with sites selling patterns or fabric or covered in flashing annoying advertising, lol, don't I sound like an old grumpy quilter. Thanks for the time you've committed almost every day to your blog and sharing you life, I have enjoyed every word, every project, every post. Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. I've enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures for several years now.


Congratulations on your 12th blogging anniversary! I would guess I “found” you @ 6 months ago, even though I had been aware of your blog through the years through your Parade of Schnibbles posts. When I did actually “find” you, I went back to that very first post and read them all (in a week), and have been enjoying every post since. Hope to continue to be able to do so for many more!


I've loved your blog since I found you years ago. I had the neat&tidy blog, and we corresponded a few times. Your Buggy Barn sunflower quilt was inspired by the one I featured on my blog. I no longer blog, but I love that you do and find so much inspiration. Thank you for continuing to blog and it's also ad free! Another plus. Blessings to you and your family.

Mary Kastner

Congratulations my blog friend Nicole. What a wonderful story to read today. You have no idea how much I enjoy your blog. Hope it continues for many years to come!


Karen L.

Nicole - Thank you for continuing to share with us. Your blog is the first one I go to in the morning and I love how positive and creative you are.


T Holzer

I'm so glad to have met you along the way! And not for just your quilts, but also the many books that I have now read because of your book reviews! I would have missed out on so many books if it weren't for you! Tomorrow we head south out of this deep freeze that we seem to be stuck in for far too long now. It will be hard coming back to the cold!! Take care.

Robby H.

Congratulations! Twelve years is a significant amount of time and energy to put into any project, let alone one as pretty as your blog. Here's to many more years of quilting and quilty friendships.

Becky Turner

I do not tweet, Instagram, Facebook or personally blog. But I do check every morning to see what is happening in the blog world. Thank you for taking the time to share and looking forward to many more years


Congratulations! Twelve years of creating and sharing your quilts and I've enjoyed every one! I'm one that let my blog go when I started working full time, my health took a dive and I didn't have much to share. I often think of going back to it because when I was creating for content I did get so much done, but at this season of my life I don't see where I would find the energy. I do hope you will keep blogging, I do love seeing your beautiful quilts and connecting with you, my friend!

Linda H

Happy Anniversary!!! Still one of my all time favorite blogs! You’re an amazing writer and so inspiring with every quilt you make. Love reading. I think blogging has taken a hit with many leaving, but I’m hoping more return to it. I’m trying. I hope you go for another 12 years of least! Thanks so much, Nicole!!

Rebecca Ball

Again, congratulations. Please continue blogging. I may have given it up for the most part, but only because I now do the website and blog for our guild. I love seeing your quilts, and your granddaughter growing up.


I have had your blog on my feed for at least 10 years and I have always enjoyed how you are able to weave your family and quilting into your posts. Keep up the good work, thank you for sharing yourself with us!

Barbara Anne

What a lovely post and I add my congratulations to the others!

You write so very well and your tutorials are wonderfully accuate that the eye canddy of the many quilts you've made is the cherry on top!

Thanks for everything and I'll be hanging around until my computer gives up the ghost!Hugs!

Linda Eaves

Congratulations and thank you for your posts. I enjoy reading about your quilting adventures.

Nancy Watkins

Congratulations Nicole! Thank you for sharing. Your blog is still my favorite. You are such an inspiration! Here’s to another 12!

Patty Fowl

Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary Nicole and a HUUUUGE THANK YOU for continuing your blog in the wake of what is currently happening with blogs. I check your blog daily, even when I have been on vacation (and overseas too!). I love your down-to-earth explanation of quilting, books, recipes, decorating, recommended products and anything else that life brings us... it feels like I am having a conversation with a girlfriend! I hope you feel the love today and the appreciation from those of us that continue to follow you loyally, knowing it takes a great deal of thought, planning, and work to put together a blog. I am not certain we inspire you but you certainly inspire us!! Happy Anniversary (and an early Happy Valentine's Day!)


Happy blogging anniversary! I join the others in saying I read your’s first each day. Your writing style & detailed descriptions of how you do a specific technique are really helpful! Thanks, too, for sharing a bit of family & Ozzie! Someone mentioned above that you haven’t succumbed to ads on your blog & that’s much appreciated! Hope you keep blogging for a long time!❤️

Jody Randall

Happy Anniversary! I've not been a reader for 12 years but have been for quite a few years now. I know there are fewer bloggers but I still like the story. All of you have your own journey that I think we as readers enjoy. Instagram and Facebook are not the same. Keep up the great work and making beautiful quilts!

Lisa D.

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you are still blogging - you are a wonderful writer, and of course make such beautiful quilts. I'm so glad we met through blogging and our mutual love of Miss Rosie Quilts. I really miss our get togethers. We had so much fun.


Happy Anniversary 12 years of blogging is amazing!
while I love instagram I somehow miss all the great blogs which were there a few years ago. It's great that you and a few others are still blogging and I love to read all of your posts.
Thanks so much for sharing:-)

Sherri Crum

I look forward to reading your blog everyday! So glad you are continuing to blog!

And how is Ozzie? He is adorable!

Julie in WA

Happy Blogiversary! I'm so glad you continue to blog regularly; I enjoy each and every post!

Sharon Tucker

Wow, 12 years! You've shared so much and I continue to enjoy following your journey. I think blogging might be coming back into fashion, slowly. We can control the content here,and when we post, followers can see it. With the algorithms of FB and IG, I'm seeing a few more quilters posting on their blog again. Keep up the great posts!

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