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March 22, 2019



Your pantry looks great! It must be in the air, or possibly from watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, because I cleaned out and reorganized my pantry last week. I then proceeded to go through my kitchen cabinets and drawers. I agree, it feels good to get everything organized.


I have never had a pantry! I am 65 years old and never has a pantry been in any where I have lived. We’ve lived in this house for 35 years and there is just no place to put one so I am super jealous of all these pantries I see.

Barbara Anne

You've convinced me to get DH a mini Instant pot! That soup looks wonderful. Yum!

Love your newly organized pantry! We turned an area a few steps down from the kitchen into a pantry but it would be so much nicer if it was n't down those steps. Still, it's better than no pantry!



The soup looks delicious! As my grandma used to say about things that sounded tasty...'if I lived next door I'd be right over!' Your pantry must make you feel so organized! Happy weekend!

T Holzer

Your pantry looks so nice! Great job. Doesn't it feel so freeing to clean like this??

Mary Kastner

Looks great to me! I don't do bacon but I think I will try this with chicken sausage and see what happens. I will let you know. Have a nice weekend. More raun☹️.

Becky Turner

I did a major pantry overhaul Friday....Still trying to figure out why I have 7 cans of coconut milk. The 15 cans of tomatoes make perfect sense though.
I use my instant pot so much I had hubby build a special shelf over the counter for it so I can reach up and set it down and good to go. I even have a little basket under it that holds cooking charts and the flat lid I use sometimes instead of the pressure lid.


Your soup looks delicious. I haven't bought an Instapot, but the idea is intriguing. Great job on the pantry. Its been on my list of things to do as well.


Soup looks great! I am going to have to try it. I made chicken tortilla soup this week which was fantastic and only had a 10 min cook time. Enough to serve 4 in my 3 qt mini. How easy is that? Looking forward to your recipes.

Pamela Boatright

It's always torture to do a deep cleaning, but so worth it! I need to go through all my kitchen cupboards and do this...


Your pntry looks amazing now and I know I need to clean mine.

Debbie R.

Getting organized is so satisfying! Your "after" photo looks great.

Robby H.

I love the idea of those drawers/bins. I'm short and it's hard to see what's on the backs of some shelves in my little pantry, but if I could pull that thing out and get it down where I could look at my supplies that would be awesome.

I'm curious how you like cleaning the Instant Pot? Taking all the bits and bobs apart sounded like it might be a hassle, but maybe not?

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