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March 13, 2019


Mary Kastner

That is really a cute quilt. I hadn't done any stitching forever and recently did a small bird from Kathy Schmitz. it turned out OK and I really did enjoy it. VIsions of embroidery blocks and quilt blocks combined were dancing in my head. WE will see how far that idea goes!


Nancy Watkins

You are ahead of me. I do not even know how to embroider! Yours is looking good. Will be a sweet quilt.

Robby H.

I was very tempted by this quilt, so I'll watch yours develop with interest. I have had a few old skills that needed a quick brush-up. But, they do really come back, and far quicker than the first time I learned them. I think the hand arts translate reasonably well to one another because our hands are practiced at making intentional delicate movements. Good luck!


I think you're being too hard on yourself, enjoy the time spent working on this project, when it's pieced and quilted the stitches will look wonderful I'm sure.


That's going to be a really cute quilt! I also used to embroider & cross stitch...not so much anymore! I've found that bifocals make a big difference over what I did years ago! It takes some readjustment, but you can do it!

Barbara Anne

Love the quilt and I agree, your embroidery stitches are just fine.

BTW, the quilt photo doesn't enlarge when clicked on, it gets smaller. Go figure!



I'm certain you were being too hard on yourself, but you are the only one that needs to be happy with it. I think it would lend some rustic charm to it to be more folksy than perfect anyway. :)


Love the quilt. A little practice should get you feeling better about your work. It seems many of us have done embroidery in the past but put the skill on the back burner. My dad passed last month (at 94!) and a lot of my work from many years ago has surfaced. We used to do more embroidery and cross stitch it seems. We should get back to it. You can do this.

Debbie R.

It's a really nice project. And of course you can do it. Practice makes perfect! You, go!

Arrowhead Gramma

Don't be hard on yourself. It appears the letters are being done in the back stitch. I am working on a Crabapple Hill design that calls for back stitch and was not happy with the look. So, I changed to stem/straight stitch and really like how it looks now. More than one stitch to get the look you want.


Cute quilt and for me your embroidery looks pretty good.


It really is a cute quilt. Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get your embroidery groove back quickly. ;p

Betty Meyer

I recently completed a similar project- my quilter teacher told me to realize that the letters are free drawn for a primitive charm look. It appears the O Holy Night is that way too. I think it looks great and will continue to look great!

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