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March 20, 2019


Barbara Anne

I look forward to your thoughts about your mini pot as I am the last one to won one! Methiinks I'll get one this same size for DH as a birthday gift (next month) as there are just two of us to cook for and we have a larger crock pot for larger quantities.

Is the cookbook good?



I received the regular size for Christmas but just used it for the first time this week. (We were gone for six weeks etc.). I made corned beef with carrots, potatoes and cabbage and it was great. I put the vegetables in and they cooked completely in 5 minutes. But the decompression time added to about 15 minutes, still way shorter than normal. And the carrots were very tender and the cabbage not over cooked. I need a recipe book though because the one that came with it has food I’d never cook.


Got mine at Christmas with some hesitation and now love it. Have tried several things and all were a huge success, even the yogurt, which is now my favorite. I would recommend for recipes and info. Her recipes are tested and awesome! She also has a cookbook, little pricy but well worth it. Pressure luck has great youtube videos and both have fb groups. Good luck and enjoy!

Linda B

Welcome to the club! I was given one (un-asked for) at Christmas, and have only done basic stuff in the 6-qt model. HB eggs are pretty darn wonderful. We have chickens, so have HB eggs pretty often. Rice is wonderful, as you discovered. I want to try cooking bones for stock—apparently a great time saver. There is a youtube channel where she has 5 things you must cook in the instant pot to get started, (just google that) and she was right. They were simple, and got me over my initial fear of using the darn thing. But I am not going to change the way I cook a lot of things—sometimes slow is best. But agree it is great if it helps you start eating better when by yourself! Good luck!

Robby H.

Hope you love it. And you are not the last person to get one, I remain Instant Pot-free. I look at them, but each time I can't really see anything I can't live without. Perhaps you'll change my mind.


I've never even heard of this thing! Since I am recently widowed, and also am not preparing decent meals for myself, I will be watching your posts and might consider one of these for me.


I love cooking chicken and pork in mine. As with the rice, steel cut oats cooks great in it. I’m single, so I cook enough oats for four - five mornings and then just heat it up. You will wonder what took you so long to pull the trigger to get one.

Kathleen G.

I, too, don't own an IP. I think what is holding me back is that I own both a (newer) pressure cooker AND a crockpot. While I get the crockpot out a few times a month, I haven't used the pressure cooker in a long time...even tho I made the most wonderful mushroom risotto in it! I'm sure you will love the IP and maybe someone will gift me one some day.

Mary Kastner

Well you are not the LAST person to have an instapot. I have a pressure cooker and a crockpot and figured I did not need one either. I have even gifted one before. EVeryone who has one seems to love it.


Sherri Crum

I got one for just before Christmas and we are in love with it.
We have made applesauce for the first time--just apples, water and a bit of cinnamon--and keep making it again and again.

Ribs--have made them twice and they are delicious.
Made corned beef--again wonderful.

Pot roast--hubby said the best I've ever made.
Pulled pork and shredded chicken--again easy and good.
Hard boiled eggs--slight green on the yolk so I'm going to adjust the time.


Rice pudding recipe tasted good but too thick--we had to add milk to the bowls as we ate it. Taste was good tho.

I checked several books out of the library and was disappointed in them.
I have found my recipes on the Internet, looking at several for the same thing, and made my decision of which one to try.

Oh, we have the 6 qt.
Soup is easy peasy in the IP as well as soup and pozole.

Veggie soup took 15 to cook and than I let it natural release--it was beef broth and whatever veggies I had on hand, half a jar of Ragu that was in the frig and some Italian seasoning--super easy and really good.

Have fun with your new toy and as my friend said just have fun and if something doesn't work--oh, well.


Add me to the 'I don't have an IP' column. Pressure cookers have never been something I was comfortable using. My husband hauls ours out when I'm away from home, so that tells you my discomfort level! I guess they're 'safer' now so maybe I should think about trying an IP. Old dogs & new tricks, you know!

Patty Fowl

I , also, do not own an Instant Pot. As I have gotten older, I try to resist the urge to purchase every new thing that comes along. I do have a crock pot, that I use, but not regularly. My husband doesn't care for leftovers so I don't like to make things that are not going to get eaten in one meal.


I don't but I sure understand the beauty of using one especially if you work. I cook a lot of meals in my Dutch oven. It doesn't speed up the cooking time but it is my 'one pot' wonder that goes from stove top to oven with only one big pot to wash. ;p


I never heard of this Instant Pot and honestly I don't think I need it. But I'm curious how you will like it in your daily life and how you will think about it in let's say a year.


You definitely are not the last person to get one of those. I don't have one. I just heard about them about two weeks ago.


I have the 6 quart size. The trick is finding dishes that will fit inside.
The selling point for me was fresh eggs that peeled perfectly when boiled.
When I need to take deviled eggs to a gathering, I put 18 eggs in a strainer basket, pressure on high for one minute, normal pressure release for five minutes, quick steam release, and put hot eggs into ice water bath for 5 minutes. Then crack and they peel perfectly.

Google anything that you want to cook and Instant Pot. Recipes pop up.

Risotto is perfect. Quinoa cooks in one minute. I make my own broths.

Just remember— veggies-quick release; meats- some natural pressure release 10 minutes or so(quick release would pull moisture out of meat).

We like stone ground grits. 10 minutes high pressure, let sit 10 minutes of natural pressure release. QR any remaining pressure. Stir good.

Frozen meat requires no extra cooking time because it just takes longer to come to pressure.


I still don't have one either. I want one but DH says I don't cook so why bother? LOL. Maybe, I might start to cook again!!


Hi, I just bought the 3 qt as well. Have made perfect Oatmeal several times. Made beef curry enough for 4-6 people which came out great. Sauté function was a little weak. Need to use it more to have an opinion. Plan several more recipes in the upcoming week.


The horrors about pressure cookers are very real. When my mother was pregnant for me, hers blew up and the result was 3rd degree burns from her neck to her knees. The print from her blouse was imprinted on her stomach. For me...I was well protected but to this day I can't stand hearing a pressure cooker and do not stay in the same room when one is around. Guess it did affect me in some way. Happy you like your Insta Pot.


I have the 6 quart size and have found a few recipes that we love! One really great site for recipes is A Bountiful Kitchen. There are lots of great tips there too.


I don't have an IP. My son has one and he loves it. I was so afraid he was going to get me one for Christmas last year. I just don't have the space for it in my tiny kitchen.

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