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March 06, 2019



Always enjoy this kind of post! Thanks for the tip on the Talbots jeans. Worth every penny for sure.

Mary Kastner

Well I see several items that I have been living without. The jeans look terrific and I am hoping Amazon will come through as well. THank you so much! I appreciate it a lot!



Thanks for posting your favorites! I am going to try the Revlon lip creme. My sister has those Yeti mugs! They are great. Thanks for posting reasonably priced things! One blog I follow posted a 500.00 hair dryer that she got for Christmas! Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t pay that for a hairdryer!


Great post! I love Harney & Sons teas; this one sounds delicious.

Barbara Anne

Duly noted! Thanks so very much for this varied list of excellent prodducts!!



Thanks for your tips I'll see if I can find some of the products here in Germany.

Linda Smith

I really enjoy your posts of a variety of items you recommend. I guess I don't get out enough because I really appreciate your suggestions! Also, love your book recommendations.


Yes, please! I'll take a Yeti mug & a Corkscicle! The things you suggest are always reasonably priced & useful to most people. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Barbara Groeschell

I, too, love the Wet Brush. So does my 9 year old granddaughter!! I bought mine a few years ago from my hair salon. I think I paid almost $25.00 for it but thought it well worth the price. NO MORE TEARS. Thanks to your post I just ordered several more from Amazon at $7.00 a piece.

Karen Tunnicliffe

Thank you for another great product post. I always find out something useful when you do these. This time it was the Wet brush, I’m looking forward to giving it to my curly locks granddaughter.


Wow another great post of must haves! I love my Yeti tumblers and have bought them for my hubs and sons, they like how big and cool they keep everything. Looking forward to trying some of those brushes as I usually use a hair pick to get tangles out(which works great also) but a brush may give me more shine. Love the lip product revies, but what about the eyes? I've found some good ones but am always on the lookout for a thin waterproof eyeliner..just saying :)


I love these posts of yours! Try the foot cream from Soap and Glory, it's great! I'm going to get the jeans too, I love Talbots fit and quality. I know you love makeup, try the Made for Me line of lipsticks from Maybelline, they're great and cheap! I so enjoy your blog, thanks for all you work on it.

Sandra Clarke

Thanks for your post!! I remember a few years ago you recommended makeup products you liked & I tried them & liked them too!!
Your quilts are beautiful!!

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