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March 15, 2019


Jody Randall

Love this pattern and your reds!! I've been eyeing this Thimbleblossoms pattern but I just finished a 168, 4" block curvy log cabin so don't think I have any logs left in me! :)

pam hansen

Using the close up really shows how great this is looking. The reds are fun.


Wow, gorgeous! Your changes have really made a difference, can't wait to see it finished! Have a great weekend!

Mary Kastner

Good luck this weekend. The blocks are looking great!


T Holzer

Gorgeous, Nicole! Sounds like you'll have this quilt done by Monday, heh?!? Have a great weekend of sewing!!

Robby H.

Such a difference from that first few blocks. This is very striking.


Love your quilt already and the plan you have for it!


Taking a close-up look shows the great prints you're choosing! Have a relaxing weekend sewing!

Barbara Anne

Lovely! I love you r freedom to change patterns and fabrics to suit ourself! No matchy matchy quilt kit for you!!

How large do you plan for this quilt to be?



so gorgeous!!!!


You've inspired me, I'm ordering one of the Creative Grids log cabin rulers for a project of my own.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love it!

Lisa D.

That is so pretty! I'm glad you stuck with it!!


Love your version! Happy St Patrick's Day!


Love the pattern and the use of red, stunning

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