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March 01, 2019



Just gorgeous. You have the best taste in fabrics.

Mary Kastner

I like the quilt and I like your fabric choices. IT looks like a fun stitchalong. have a good weekend!


Nancy Watkins

It’s going to look good! Now I need to go check this out......


I was happy to see Camille blogging again! She's so talented! I like your fabric choices & am impressed with the quick response about the Moda Bella fabric. That's going to be such a pretty quilt!

Barbara Anne

How cute is that quilt in the mulit-colors and in the navy/white version?! I don't know aboput 1 1/2" strips, though. Have fun using the Sweet Tea fabrics!!



Love your fabric pull! I'm using the mini honey bun from the sew sampler box last month and a few more stripes from my stash to make a smaller version (just the center star).


um, when I saw the navy blue/grey/white version I fell in love. ;p I bought the pattern but I'm not sure about when I can start it. :(


I can't jump into another project just now but I bought the pattern for future use. I like your fabric selection a lot!

Betty Meyer

I love that Sweet Tea! I also am considering Porcelain. Working on a very simple pattern to use up some of what I have. Do you remember Whimsey by Fig Tree? Cute, but not my choice anymore. I still have one more Fig Tree group to use.

Robby H.

I think you might have just sent me down a rabbit hole! I love that she made a cushion from her blocks, too. Maybe a pillow wouldn't take too long. I'll just have fun following your progress. Honey buns, you say?

Lynette Van dijk

Will go over and check it out, thanks for the heads up


Now wait just a minute. Isn't it enough that I keep getting inspired from your past makes, now you have to inspire me with current makes!! When will I find time to make the things already on my lists!!


Lol! I just bought those patterns last night since she had them on sale. Didn't realize they use honey buns so will go check that out too as I like what you picked! Will watch your progress :)

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