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March 08, 2019



But you are clever and have sewn quilt tops for so long that I think you'll do just fine. Anxious to see your finished product; don't put this one on the shelf!


What a disappointment when you're eagerly waiting to start a new project and then blah - you don't like the initial results and the excitement just drains away. It's happened to me. But I'm sure that you'll turn it into something wonderful. You always seem to have good ideas.
Your stars and baskets quilt is lovely, by the way!


That’s a sign of a true quilter - being able to put her own spin on something, whether out of necessity or artistic desire. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

Mary Kastner

Love, love, love the Stars and Baskets. I had to order a roll of,paper from FQS to do the triangles and it came yesterday so will be starting this one soon. Thank you so much for sharing. It looks wonderful. Sorry about the "other " ordeal. Who would have thought!


Sherri Crum

Long ago I was told to make a test block before cutting all the fabric for a quilt. Great idea when the block turns out to be difficult/wonky or one you don't like the color combinations.

That suggestion has "saved my bacon" many a time.


I LOVE that stars and basket quilt! Oh, man. I am sorry about the log cabin. :( I hope you do come up with a solution bc I want to make that quilt. I haven't cut anything out.

Barbara Anne

Stars and Baskets is just lovely and I'm delighted you're pleased with the quilting pattern you chose. Applause!!

As for your Log Cabin, I once got stellar advise from an older quilter and she said to square up your blocks after each round of stips is sewn on and the blocks will stay square. This was told to me well before all of the speciality rulers were invented. We had just the straight rulers of the ealry '90s

Hugs!. It worked!


Those feathers are exactly what that quilt needed. The stars & baskets are the eye-catchers supported by lovely, quiet feathers! What a frustrating day in your sewing room between the not-right background fabric & the wonky block. I have a feeling that you'll figure out a solution to make it work!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the Stars and Baskets.

Jody Randall

Love the stars and basket quilt. Beautiful! I just completed a curvy log cabin using the Creative Grids 4" curvy log cabin tool and loved it.

Linda Smith

The Stars and Baskets quilt is really nice. The feathered wreaths are a great choice to suit the style of the quilt.


Beautiful Stars and basket quilt. I am sure you will work out like g cabin blue cvs, the fabrics are very pretty together


The stars and basket quilt is just perfect!

Hopefully your idea (and maybe a different background fabric?) will turn out to be just as beautiful as what you imagined in the first place. Will be anxiously awaiting your progress!

Carol C

Your Stars and Baskets quilt is lovely.
I was thinking of using Sweet Tea for the Sweet Escape quilt. Were you planning to use the text fabric in the alternate blocks? I have a very subtle grey with cream polka dots that I thought of using (for the aqua print) but I'm not sure. I hope you can find a 'fix' for yours.


Just beautiful! I have a basket quilt top that needs quilting, but it is a totally different style than this. Basket blocks and house blocks with stars never get old.

Barbara Forde

Love the Stars and Baskets quilt. Have amassed a huge number of reproduction fabric fat quarters, so now I'm inspired to do something with them.


What a bummer! What was your alternate color for the background d block? I was thinking of using one of the taupes from the collection but they seemed too dark, is that what you used? Keep us posted as I planned to copy you 😂

Mary Lines

Who is your quilter? Your quilt seem to come back very quickly and they are beautiful.

Lisa D.

That beautiful feather quilting makes your basket quilt even more stunning. A perfect choice. I'm sorry you were frustrated with your test block (don't get me started with honey buns.... grrrr). I'm sure you will find a solution, you always do!

Terry Harney

Who designed the Star and Baskets pattern, or do you know where I might get it? It is gorgeous. Thanks

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