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March 26, 2019



The instant pot is great. Try ‘simple happy foodie,s tomato soup and the #17 cheesecake from pressure cook. So good and easy. A 7”springform pan makes 6 nice pieces so we don’t get too fat! Your chicken looks great!

Barbara Anne

Love your candle mat table topper and those black fabrics are wonderful! It's clear your on a roll with those great ideas for future ssewing. :)

I haven't ordered an Instant Pot yet and now wonder if a larger one would be better so we can eat some and save the rest for later meals? Space is tight in our kitchen so I cannot get both. Thanks for the recipe suggestions, too.



Your 'at least I have the fabric & know where to find it' cracks me up! The quilting makes your tiny quilt look so delicate. Great choice! Retreat weekend was fun, as always, & I even managed to get a lap quilt pieced...despite all the fun!

Mary Kastner

I like all those new fabrics with words and other stuff on them. I need to get some before they are history. The chicken looks delicious. Thanks for the resources.

Patricia Boyle

Do you find recipes tailore to the 3 quart or do you have to make adjustments?


I have been on the fence about getting an Instant Pot, but you may have convinced me! Your recipes sound delicious!

Karen Seemuth

I am a big fan of the Instant Pot as well.

The top two things I love about it is easy cleanup! Only one pot to wash.

The other is, for most recipes, you set it and forget it. Take a nap, read a book; you don't need to babysit or keep checking to see if your dish is completely cooked.

I got the 6 quart for Christmas and recently got the 3 quart to cook vegetables or potatoes.

Rose M. Appel

I love my Insta-Pot ,it had me hooked last winter when sick and wanted some good soup .Start to finish an hour later fresh amazing homemade veggy soup . yum. Have done several other things always happy with the results. like you felt it was well worth every dime . love mine .

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