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April 15, 2019


Mary Kastner

Good grief! What a nightmare ordeal. I am so sorry. Just awful. Hope you now are having a glorious Funtime. Enjoy every minute!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

What an adventure! Glad you finally made your destination. Have fun!

Debbie R.

Well, you certainly deserve a lovely vacation after all of that. Hope it's all sunshine and roses for the rest of the week. Relax and have fun.

Lisa D.

Ahren to the rescue! I hope your vacation is great and restful, despite the rough start.


Enjoy your hard-earned vacation! So happy to hear Ahren's advice worked so well for you. Relax & soak in the sunshine--Vitamin D will definitely do you all good!

ina :(


WTF!?! I hope for you that you have an amazing vacation and that yu never need to fly with this airline again.

Barbara Anne

What a glorious place to recover from aild the 3 of you! So sorry for the inexcusible bothers at the airport but am glad ahren could help from afar.

DH and I are still sick with the cold (or flu) from hell. Bother and bummer.

Have fun!


Anne Simonot

Good for you, & great advice from your so ! I have a hard time being assertive in those situations too. 🙁


Omg you poor girls! Thank goodness you took Ahrens advice! I find sometimes companies will do the bare minimum as long as they can get away with it. Hope your trip turns out great!

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