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April 16, 2019



Iā€™m so glad you are on the mend and enjoying your vacation with your family.


The bush looks to be a yellow trumpetbush, otherwise known as tecoma stans. I saw those a few years back while traveling in Texas. They do make a statement.

Mary Kastner

The mermaid picture is priceless! Enjoy your vacation!


Things are busting loose here in So. Cal. That looks like some sort of trumpet vine. I can't grow those in the high desert. Beautiful. I am so glad you are all on the mend and enjoying your get away!

Patty Fowl

Glad you are all feeling better and enjoying the sunshine. That yellow bush is a Texas yellow bell... I am looking at mine, in Scottsdale AZ, as I type this. Enjoy yourselves!!

Barbara Anne

Miss E it too cute! What little girl wouldn't adore being a mermaid?!

So glad all of you are feeling so much better at last. Serene surroundings are a good place to recover. Am glad your family wasn't headed for the exertion of the Magic Kingdom!



So happy Eva has transformed into a mermaid!šŸ§œā€ā™€ļø Everyone knows they don't get sick! Grandmas & moms take a bit longer to recover but the sunshine will definitely help! ā˜€ļø


Nicole -- if you are interested in seeing more desert gardens you should go to Sunnylands. It is the Walter Annenberg estate and they have a really nice Visitor Center and gardens that are FREE. There is also an estate tour for a fee, but usually that is booked up way in advance. Hubby and I have been a couple different times and it is really nice.


I have an app on my iphone called iplant. You can photograph a plant or flower, and it will tell you what it is.


Didn't know you have a mermaid in your family and such a cute one too.
Glad you have a great time and finally feeling better.


Oh!! I just thought of something else -- if you are in the mood for a good quilt shop, go visit Monica's Quilt & Bead shop. It's a great place!


lol love the mermaid!

pam hansen

The yellow is a member of the Tacoma series and happens to be my favorite. I have two yellow and several of the other variations.
Love Eva's mermaid gear. Being sick while on vacation is the pits.


So glad you are feeling better! I need on of those mermaid outfits for my granddaughter, it is too cute!

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