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April 23, 2019



That's a pattern I have on my list of to do, as soon as I get some others completed. The list grows faster and faster!


The re-organization project will be lovely for your blog readers, because I see a lot of small quilts in your immediate future. :-))

Barbara Anne

I've long intended to make Corn and Beans to celebrate our gardening y years with sweet AMIL.

How delightful to have nen so quickly distracted from tidying by that adorable little pattern and fabric!

Still coughing here. Bother!



You're creating more space with your finished projects, so I'd say reorganization is off to a great start! Enjoy your new project!


A little distraction while reorganizing doesn't hurt anything! I'll guess you're going to find more 'treasures' the deeper you go into those drawers!

Robby H.

Organizing means different things to different people. It looks to me like you'll be organizing that fabric into one cohesive, useful thing. I await developments.

Mary Kastner

That pattern is really cute for sure! I like the fabrics.

Michele Klein

Your reorganizing resembles mine! Amazing what forgotten treasures you find!


I know! every time I clean my sewing room I find wonderful things and then I get distracted and start something new. ;p


It sounds like you've been a little bit distracted, but, I'm sure you'll have that cute little project finished in no time at all and you'll be able to get back to the task of organizing!

Wendy Currie

Sweet pattern! I would have to drop all plans to organize to and get busy piecing it!


Lol that is so me! Go in to clean and come out with another million things I need to do 😂

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