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April 19, 2019


Linda Diane Townsend

I read your blog first. Love yr insights.


How interesting that you will be tidying up your sewing space - I’m doing the same thing! I’m listening to a bunch of podcasts at - the podcasts are designed specifically for quilters, and the focus is helping you figure out what you have, what you really want to keep and will really use, and what to dispose. I think they make a lot of sense and I have begun eliminating things from my sewing room (I’ve just started with quilting books and patterns. That is easier for me than going through fabric, but I will get to that soon). Welcome home, and good luck with your decluttering!


Correction - the link is


I just finished cleaning out my quilt room. Over the past few years, I’ve sent excess fabrics to the Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I am still keeping my good fabrics even though I have tons. I’m using it though. I quilt every single day even if it’s only 15 minutes.

grace thorne

moses spent 40 days in the desert, but he could never have imagined THIS kind of

Barbara Anne

Am glad you and your family had such a lovely place to recuperate! Nothing better that goo rest, too.

My small sewing room needs a drastic clean-out, too, but where will the stuff go?

We're in for strong storms today so hope the power stays on.

Happy homecoming!


Barbara Anne

Correction: "good rest". :)


What a lovely place to celebrate your 50th anniversary & to get some R&R! Your girls look so relaxed & content! How lucky you are to have a great house sitter & even better that she likes your Ozzie so much! Have a nice Easter.

Mary Kastner

I am happy you had a good week on vacation. IT looks lovely. it was 85 in the Creek yesterday. get ready ! My quilt room is a disaster. Think I will watch you for a while - maybe you will inspire me to do something!



It looks lovely where you are! But I know what you mean; there's no place like home (aka your own sewing space!)
I'm looking forward to seeing your posts of getting organized. I cleaned up my sewing room last week and although it looks good on the surface, Marie Kondo would be disappointed that I threw much of the stuff in bankers boxes and piled them in the closet! So hard to part with fabric....


So glad you have a great time!
Cleaning up your sewing space sounds like a great idea but my biggest problem with that is I always got sidetracked by a project I find and need to make asap;-) Hope you have more luck!
Happy Easter to you and hope you have a lot of yummy chocolate!

Cathy McMann

I'm contemplating a major clear out of my sewing space too because it is too cluttered and crowded to be "happy." The idea of starting is daunting though.


I've been contemplating the same sewing room is small and very cluttered. I need some feng shui help. ;p

safe journey home!


What a great pic of your two girls, Eva is such a mini me😂

Nancy Watkins

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your vacay. Eva’s cake is adorable!

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