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April 25, 2019


Barbara Anne

Love your two wee quilts!

No smart phone or devices, but I listen to CDs as I sew. I don't think I could sew and follow a story line.

Company coming today!


Mary Kastner

I should try some podcasts. I usually listen to talk radio when I am quilting and most of the time it drives me and my anxiety nuts. GOod idea! Have a good day!



I love to listen to:

The Quilt Fiction Podcast: Friendship Album, 1933

So far there are 38 episodes that I have listened to. She puts one out once a week. I listen to it on my laptop on YouTube. It is really really good!


Cute, cute quilts!
I confess I'm not a podcast person (I'm also not an audio book person) and the only one I listen too so far is 'The Teacher's Pet'. I was really a great one.


oh, yeah! we listen to podcasts in the car every week. I've also mixed in some podcasts to my gym routine. We love Car Talk even though we know nothing about car repair. Just so fun to listen to.

1) Car Talk
2) Radio Lab presents More Perfect(season 1) history of pivotal cases b4 supreme court.
3) Caliphate by NY Times Rukmini Callimachi
4) This American Life with Ira Glass
5) Revisionist History
6) Ezra Klein Show
7) Uncivil (civil war history with stories of slaves fighting for freedom and helping free others)

Also, just started listening to audio book of Michele Obama's Becoming. Wonderful.

Janet Dickson

The toppers are going to be a lovely addition to your decor. I'm a podcast junkie, and there are so many now that it's easy to find something in ones personal interests. A few of my current favorites that aren't quilting related are AirSpace (by the Smithsonian), The History Chicks, Court Junkie, and Household Name. One thing I was told about podcast listening is to give them 3 episodes before deciding if you like it or not, which has been helpful.


I love your little quilts, I need to fit some of those projects into my schedule.
Here are my latest podcast favs:
Armchair Expert
Art Curious
Ball & Chain
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Happier in Hollywood
Satellite Sisters
Start Here
Stuff you Missed in History Class
Stuff you Should Know
Tech Stuff
The Daily
Sunday Sitdown

I've never listened to a quilting podcast which is odd because I listen to podcasts while I'm sewing.

I really enjoy What Should I Read Next but am unfamiliar with the other reading podcasts you mentioned, I'll give them a try.


Oooh, so pretty!

I listen to music but have never listened to audiobooks or podcasts while I sew--mostly because my hearing is poor and I get up and down so often while sewing I'm sure to miss something! Glad you found some great ones.


I agree with Ina - This American Life with Ira Glass is always good. I also enjoyed The Teacher's Pet hosted by a reporter from The Australian. It's an Australian cold case from the 1980's which will soon be heading to court. Lynn was a young housewife believed to be murdered by her football husband and the incompetence of the authorities is at times shocking. The story is well-told and very captivating and at times very hard to believe! I highly recommend it.

Anne Simonot

Love podcasts! Sarah’s Book Shelves and Book Riot’s Read or Dead are good bookish ones. Standoff is about Ruby Ridge. CBC’s Uncover: Escaping NXIVM (spelling? Pronounced Nexium.) is about that strange MLM, sex cult in the news recently.

I do like true crime podcasts a lot. Accused is a good one. In the Dark, season 1, was amazing & also infuriating. Dirty John got made into a TV show but was a podcast first. Stranglers was also pretty interesting— about the Boston Strangler case.

Gladiator, Lore, and Unobscured are a few more I’ve enjoyed.

Jennifer in Indy

Love both of your table toppers and I also love podcasts. I listen to them all the time in my car and enjoy Satellite Sisters, Ask Me Another, and Pop Culture Happy Hour among others!

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