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April 18, 2019



Congratulations! That is a wonderful life milestone to celebrate. My husband and I will celebrate 44 years in June.


Congratulations! I’m happy for you.

Wendy Currie



Congratulations! Now onto the next 50!

T Holzer

Congratulaions, Nicole! Your ring is truly beautiful. I'm glad your time is better than at the beginning! Enjoy!!


A very "Happy 50 Anniversary" and onto the next 50...sweet pic of you and your hubby!

Jody Randall

Congratulations on 50 years! Not everyone can say or be blessed with that milestone!


Happy Anniversary! You must have been married when you were very don't look like you could possibly be married 50 years! Congratulatons and many more happy years together!

Robby H.

What a great way to bounce back from the rough start of this trip. Congratulations, that's a wonderful milestone.

Nancy Watkins

Happy Anniversary!

Joan S

Happy 50th Anniversary, Nicole!!


Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear that your vacation has turned out wonderful.



Stephani in N. TX

Love is such a good beginning. Fifty years looks well on you both. Congratulations.


Happy Anniversary, Nicole!!

My husband and I are also celebrating 50 years in June. Your statement about time flying by is so very true.


Bravo! What a beautiful ring, and a beautiful marriage!

Mary Kastner

HAppy Anniversary to the two of you! Your new ring is beautiful too! HE has very good taste. Enjoy your celebrations on your vacation.


Barbara Anne

Happu anniversary and well done on making it to 50 years! Lovely ring, too.

We'll celebrate our 47th anniversary on Monday - Earth Day!


Patty Fowl

50 Years!!! It is such a wonderful achievement and testament to your love, devotion, and affection for each other. Congratulations and Cheers to many more years of happiness and good health!!


Happy Anniversary!!


Congratulations to you both! Best wishes for many years of happiness together going into the next 50!


Congrats and Happy Annivesary to you!

Jean T.

Congratulations and a hope for many more.


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Michele Klein


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