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May 07, 2019



How lucky that he was not hurt! My 83 yo mother had a home invasion last year. They took her purse and beat her with a tire iron. Every finger and bone in her hand were broken and she had face/ head wounds too. What is wrong with people these days. I live very rural, no houses in sight. It’s very alarming to be home alone.....


Your table runner looks lovely. You always have a nice display.
Although greatly inconvenienced, thank goodness Ahren was safe following the burglary. Either the robber didn't know he was home, or thought he would take his chances if he encountered him.
Our apartment was burgled years ago when just married and we were both at work. We came home to find stereo equipment and camera gone - carried out in 2 suitcases. But what I found distressing was that they had dumped all the contents of our drawers on the bed and floor and had stolen some pieces of jewellery, including a locket that had belonged to my grandmother. Irreplaceable. But thankfully, our cat was alive and unhurt. I admit that I was nervous to return home for a while following that incident.


One year I took my dog out for a short walk before bedtime. We lived in a town house second from the corner and since it was very quiet and late, I didn’t lock the door. I had a smallish box sitting by the door that you could see through the frosted glass that I was mailing the next day, Christmas gifts. When I returned from our short dog walk, the box was gone. Another time a realtor used the lockbox to enter our home and stole my husbands ATM card from his desk while he was out of town. Sales were down and the police said this wasn’t the first case of this happening.

Mary Kastner

How frightening for your son. Thank goodness he is OK and can even manage to get his self together so quickly after it happened. WHat a horrible experience for him. MY husband was robbed several times with a gun when he had his pharmacy. Desperate people out there for sure. It always made me so anxious and upset. SO happy to hear Ahren is safe and doing lots of good things to keep himself safer. Glad to here you are home too!



Your spring-y red table runner is beautiful!

How scary for Ahren! Glad that he is not hurt, but Geez, that is maddening to be robbed. Luckily I have never been robbed, but my folks were one time probably 30 years ago. Thankfully the burglars were just after their stereo equipment and left all kinds of family treasures intact.


My heart goes out to Ahren losing so many important pieces of his day-to-day life. The journal, pen & leather case would be especially saddening because they cannot be replaced or duplicated.
Mary reminds me I can't even count the number of times our family pharmacies were broken into over the years in the 1950's & '60's! My uncle was robbed at gunpoint toward the end of owning his, which still unnerves me! Our house was burgled in 'broad daylight' & they took my grandmother's silverware--except for the knives which have stainless steel blades & wouldn't melt down to be sold! At least I have those, but it was so infuriating!


I am so sorry for your son. It is awful to have someone invade your home. When we lived in SD,CA we were robbed by what was probably illegal alien thugs. They had a picture album they were carrying like a clipboard and it had pictures with them and guns. They forgot it by the door before they ran around back to bust a window. They took my husband's wedding band along with jewelry I got on my first communion in addition to all the other jewelry I had. They at a peanut butter sandwich and touched everything going through it. I had no dryer and had to sleep on sheets they had been through. It was a horrific experience. I have little jewelry now and hate thieves. I hope your hubby is well soon. Men and drs. sheesh!

Barbara Anne

Your table runner is charming and I love that your lovely rose mat matches it! Sweet!

Oh, I'm so sorry Ahreen's home was buglarized but am glad he was safe. No such experiences in our history, thank goodness.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

So sorry about hubby’s illness and Ahren’s break-in. Bless his heart, that just sounds awful. I hope the police find his personal stuff.


First, I love your little table runner!
Second, how scary for Ahren and I'm glad he was not hurt.
A friend of my mum was robbed a few yers go. They break into the house while she and her hubby were asleep upstars and took just money and some electronic things (like TV and radio).


damn. that would rattle me too. :( When the economy crashed in 2009/10 there was a big up-tick in day time break-ins.

I had a handyman install Door Devils on all the exterior doors. Police dept recommended them to prevent doors from being kicked in. It is a metal reinforcement of the door jam.


Love your quilts! All of them...your blog is one that I read everyday.

Am so sorry that Ahren had to deal with the breakin and aftermath! That is the worst!

Our home was broken into during my father in law's funeral. They used our wedding quilt that hubby's grandmother made to tote my husband's guns out...the ones he had just inherited! I hated to lose the quilts and he hated to lose the guns!

pam hansen

No burglaries to report as we always have our dogs indoors. I do hope there is some justice for Ahren.
Have you ever seen those wedge shaped door stoppers. They work well to keep door closed when dead bolts can't be used.


Your tablerunner is so pretty! So sorry to hear about Ahren. Maybe that is why he sleeps with his door closed. Do you think it may be a bad neighborhood? Hopefully he will be ok.

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