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May 21, 2019



Looks like you are off to a good start and wow...these are going to be beautiful! Now, doesn't that feel better;)))

Barbara Anne

Great beginning and what a stellar idea to offset your strips. I did that ages ago when cutting out diamond shapes.



Mary Kastner

That is a great idea to stagger those stripes. I love every bit of this plan so far. Fast and fun. The fabric is just wonderful!


And that, my friend, is why I ❤️ your blog...sharing brilliant, sensible tips for quilting success! OK, Ozzie is up there & Eva & shopping tips...really, your whole blog, but that simple idea to get the most out of your fabric is super! Thanks!


Love the look you already have with these triangles! I think I need to download this pattern.


gosh, that is going to be so lovely!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful! I love French General fabrics.

Betty Meyer

I have been trying different colors and designs to inspire me. I have rarely used batiks so am working on some muted fabrics. I also have my eye on some essex linen to try something else. I also enjoying Hawthorne Threads for unique and free patterns. Those are my new inspirations. I enjoy your Blog- always entertaining and interesting.

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