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May 28, 2019


Barbara Anne

Applause and well done for getting all of those bindings attached to so many projects!! Won't it be fun to put these various projects into use?

Yesterdau we had our flag flying, hard boiled some eggs for deviled eggs, and made brownies. Yum!


T Holzer

Good girl, Nicole! How freeing does this feel, heh?!? I took a job for about 7 weeks, working through the week, so I haven't had much time for reading blogs or sewing. Have a great week, Nicole and you could send us your rain!!

Debbie R.

It's terrible, the guilt that weighs us down when there are so many unfinished projects. Hurrah for moving so many UFOs along! That's a bit of hand stitching, but with the end in sight, a cup of tea and an audio book, you can probably make your way through it quite contentedly.


your work is so beautiful it is awesome to see it finished up. great work. keep moving forward. I am trying to tackle ufo's also. some can be a chore but when finished wonderful!


No matter the reason, you really kicked it into gear! Your beautiful quilts & toppers will be on full display in no time! We're having non-stop rain here, but it's good for the crops. So despite being tired of it, we're thankful! Those ribs sound delicious!


What method did you use for the square-in-a-square quilt? That is on my list for this year. I bought a pattern that turned out to be one page long that was basically just measurements and said to sew triangles to the sides of the square... I know it is a basic block, but I expected a bit more. Thank-you so much for sharing all your ruler and pattern tests and tips!


Love all your quilts and now you can enjoy using them.

Robby H.

Isn't it funny what stops us in our tracks on projects? Sometimes it's a particular step we just don't enjoy. Other times there is a hiccup and the fun drains out of the making when the problem is not readily solvable or tedious work. Good on you for tackling those bindings!

Mary Kastner

WooHoo! Good job Nicole. We are traveling and I am so ready to be home and at my sewing machine. I am on a mission to get undone's finished myself. Went to my oldest granddaughters high school graduation. I am ready to sew starting tomorrow! Good luck to you.

Kimberley Rose

Kudos to you for being so productive! What is the pattern that you used for your pinwheel quilt? I really like it and think it would be a great way to use my scraps!


That’s got to feel so great! A couple of years ago I listed every kit/project I had that wasn’t done (or maybe even started). That was an eye opener! I have been working on getting done what I’ve already got—I’m finally down to six quilt projects to do or finish. It feels so great. I’ve been quilting them as I go so I wouldn’t have a big pile to do.


All of your quilts are beautiful, but I really LOVE that flag quilt!

Jennifer in Indy

Wow, what a great weekend in your sewing room! I need to have a similar one where I work on quilting finished tops of all sizes! Hope you have sunny weather soon and more fun working on your UFOs!

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