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May 02, 2019


Mary Kastner

IT is progress! ENjoy your change in routine and the quiet time with Hubby. HOpe you have nice weather the rest of your time, !



Good to hear the cold & the weather are both improved. You'll be happy you spent time outside once you get back to the daily routine at home! Those flying geese look great all lined up!


Enjoy your time away and you know your sewing will wait for you!

Barbara Anne

I agree that this is progress and you've got to be pleased with that - and how cute this little project is looking. It's all about enjoying what the day brings.

So glad yur DH is feeling better and that the weather is nice.



Lol! Isn't it funny how they normally won't do anything with you when you're home but the minute they're on vacation suddenly they're glued to you 😂


I forgot my cord when I went to retreat one time. Luckily a friend knew someone in the area I could borrow one from.

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