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May 20, 2019



Can't wait to see your progress on this quilt it's be fantastic I'm sure.
Last year had some amazing collections but like you I'm a bit disappointed in this year's quilt Market.
There were a few collectons that totally catched my eyes like B&C with Early Bird (no suprise here) although I can live without the bird print but I love, love, love a lot of other prints in the collection.
I'm also okay with all the grey, black and white I think there are some great blenders in the collections from Gingiber and Primitive Gathering.
I think the new collection from Betsy Chutchian could be something for you.
nd something that also might be interesting for you is that there's a sew-along from Kim Diehl right now for her 'Simple Friendship 2' book. I'm using my Nest fabrics (by Lellabotuique) for it but I'm sure you have some great little scraps that would be perfect.

Robby H.

I know the feeling you describe. For me, it's a sign I need to pursue another creative outlet for a while, or maybe that I'm overly busy with life so it's hard to relax enough to enjoy the creative process. I also agree with the post above, about the Kim Diehl book (and I tend to lean more modern, but it really caught my eye). Good luck.


Until you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed the predominance of black, white and gray at Market. I do agree, now that I think about it. The quilting trends are certainly moving away from the reproductions that have dominated for the last decade or so.

Personally, I have tried to stretch my comfort zone to some of the calico-type florals similar to Liberty of London fabrics. At least one designer for Lecien Fabrics is making these. Another direction I have tried to go is what I term 'contemporary' - very intense colors with vintage '50' or 60s designs. Rifle Paper Company and Art Gallery Fabrics carry some I have tried.

Good luck beating your doldrums! I can vouch for shopping your stash. I am doing it, too!


I’m divided between really bright cheerful fabrics and the darker, more sedate Civil War fabrics. I am finding lovely bright fabrics constantly. I also have hoarded some of those French General fabrics not sure what to make as I want it to be the perfect pattern.

T Holzer

Morning, Nicole! I think that all of us quilters go thru this from time to time and the last time that it happened to me, I was worried that I'd be done quilting for good. But I actually won some fabric from Sherri McConnell and found a great pattern to go with it and that pulled me out of it. You will find your way! I love your idea of shopping at home instead of buying more. Have a great week.

Barbara Anne

As you know, I've been shopping my stash for years and - to my surprisse - seem not to have made a dent!

My doldrums has been from fatigue and detailed stitching on the outer border of Over & Under that I finall finhed last week. It's wall quilt size and today I'll be hand quilting the binding.

Black/white/gray quilts don't usually appeal to me but I remeber loving a scrappy cream quilt Alex Anderson made a decade or two ago ago.

Wish I could see what I am typing but it's white text on white. Sigh!



I'm currently stalled out on sewing, but thought perhaps it was because I've completed 3 quilts, 1 baby quilt & a table runner since New Year's. I also have a fiber arts group challenge that I've hit a wall with as far as inspiration. This weekend I ordered a couple of charm packs to use with some fabric in my stash...hoping it kick-starts my quilting mojo with a simple, modern pattern. We'll see...that challenge project is lurking in the back of my brain...


I have stalled on quilting simply because what do I do with all of them. I am looking at retirement and hope to sew some charity quilts; but the thought of sewing more quilts right now doesn't interest me. I've turned to counted cross stitch - another love I've had for years. It's easier to store the samplers than the quilts.

Patricia Boyle

Sara’s Story by Betsy Chutchian is beautiful!

Mary Kastner

IT is a good thing we have our stashes. Slim Pickens at market from what I saw in all the photos. I do agree about Betsy's new fabric line for sure. I do love French General fabrics . I just got a bunch of hexies ready to put together from some of my FG stash. Jo Morton has a new line coming soon. I have enough of her in my stash for a lifetime I am sure. I am trying to finish some tops that are just sitting there gathering dust and the blocks I have finished but not together. PLenty to do, not enough time always. SWim season started here on Saturday so my time is stretched a lot further and soon school will be out! JUst let your mind simmer for a bit and you will come up with another fantastic quilt!

Patty Fowl

I share your feelings about lack of inspiration with some of the upcoming fabric lines. Many of the designers have become so predictable with using the same color palette with each collection they put out; but while it may not appeal to me, I realize it must be popular with many or they would not continue to do so. I have been sewing/quilting my stash and have felt a real sense of accomplishment for not having to purchase something "new". I have gone to using more solids and I enjoy sampler block quilts because I find I sometimes tire of making the same block over and over.. The fabric lines featuring black/grey/white are lovely but not my color palette... Did Ahren recover any of his stolen belongings?

Jody RAndall

I totally agree with you. I've been going through my quilt kits and making some of those just for this very reason. Hopefully these will get me through. I have made a couple modern quilts with grey but most of the colors that are out there I don't decorate with. No aquas etc in my house. So hoping this aqua/pink phase passes!!


Like Barbara Anne, I keep sewing from my stash but barely make a dent in it. I have so much fabric on hand that I'm trying to resist buying much new. I like a few of Fig Tree's new patterns though.


I've been in a rut before. :( Right now, I'm inspired by brights and solids. Additionally, I'm making my last 5 Log Cabin blocks for my navy/grey/cream Sweet Escape quilt. I want to get it sewn together so I can send it out to be quilted. ;p

Beth F

I live in a very rural area and the closest quilt shop is about an hour away so I like to look at fabric on the internet and do some buying that way. But I think going to a quilt shop, especially an older one, is a good way to see so much more than just the trendy collections (which all tend to look alike to me after awhile). I usually take a trip to Lancaster, PA every year and spend quite a bit of money on fabrics from the shops that aren't collections or necessarily new. Then I have lots of fabric to sew and plenty of inspiration! The list of quilts I want to make is very long. Your blog is an inspiration to me so thank you for all the effort it takes to keep it going!


Last month I bought a kit to make the Firecrackers quilt from the Oh Scrap Quilt book--beautiful, clear patriotic inspired colors! In the past I've been drawn to the darker shades, but I'm over that. Now what to do with all those fabrics?! Also love Halloween and am very excited about the newly released Costume Maker's Ball by J. Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake. We have a trip planned for South Africa early next year and Moda has a new line, Safari Life, coming in the fall that I love. And I love Primitive Gatherings wool Summer Block of the Week (SBOW). I'm inspired--just need more money!!! LOL

Linda Smith

I've seemed to have hit a wall lately. I find I am making smaller quilts, like lap size or smaller as I don't have a lot of storage space. I also have quite a few unquilted tops - I can't afford to send my tops out to be done since I've retired. My plan is to grid quilt some of them myself. I also find I am trying to use more and more of my stash. I have collected some French General and 3 Sisters, and Fig Tree, and I love them, but can't decide what to make with them.

I also subscribed to several quilt magazines for years but the last few years I couldn't find patterns or articles that inspired me so I let my subscriptions expire.

Quite a list of complaints but it is helpful to know that I am not alone in some of these issues. Hope your new project will spark you again.


I love the "Blush" line, and several others that have navy and pink or peach. I've been looking for one with purples, from the dark eggplant on down the line, but no bright purples. I also think a teal and eggplant line would be great! I agree that some lines seem to be repeats of the previous several lines, with slightly different colors or patterns. I've been in a slump lately too.....

Debbie R.

I agree that a lot of the new fabric lines just feel like same old, same old. But French General! I had a small stash that I had been saving for a while. I did finally cut into it, and was really happy with the project. And needless to say, there's lots still left! Good luck getting your mojo back!


Hi Nicole. I’m looking forward to a pattern called Vintage Garden by Flamingo Toes. I saw it on some of the photos from Quilt Market and like the looks of it a lot. The fabrics the designer used are bright and cheerful, and the hexi look is really cute. I may make real hexis, rather than whatever design she has, tho (hard to say as I haven’t seen the pattern yet).


My LQS specializes in repro CW fabrics... I went searching for some pieces I could use in my reproduction version of the "Dear Jane" quilt. I was shocked to see that the shelves were filled with mostly faux repro fabric lines, if there's such a thing. I like Kim Diehl but her fabric lines are only repro in color only. An observation I made this winter was just as you observed, the availability of CW Repro fabrics is dwindling. It may be just as Asian style fabrics were a few years ago, a thing of the past. Sorry, No pun intended. But as in life, things have a way of cycling and may become popular again in a few more years... maybe beyond our lifetime.

Jeanne Horacek

Hi Nicole, I think all of us have seasons when we're not as inspired as we'd like to be. Maybe it's time to try a new technique, rather than looking to fabric for inspiration. Last week I tried Sew Kind of Wonderful's Quick Curves Rulers for the first time and I had more fun than I've had in ages. Adding curves as a design element provided just the spark that I needed to see my stash in a whole new way!

Patricia Ludwiczak

I agree - and I think many of the newer lines look very much the same. I recently found a spark with Pam Buda's blues and am waiting for Jo Morton's new line. Sometimes it's good to just look at what you have and try to figure out what I can add to make it sing. Happy inspiration!


A Red and White quilt always jump starts my sewing mojo, do you have the Red and White Quilt book from Martingale? I made 3 Barns using Chateau Rouge and still love it.

Michele Klein

I work at a quilt shop and we have received a few reproduction lines lately. Andover fabrics always has some beautiful fabric. Morris Garden is a pretty line also. Anything from Betsy Chuchian is great. I’ve been shopping my stash lately also because I really need to get it down! I have lots of Kansas Troubles to go through. I swear it multiplies while sitting on the shelf! Doing smaller projects for the instant gratification!

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