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May 20, 2019


Karen Beigh

I agree with you about the designs being much the same as other seasons and lines. There wasn't much that caught my eye looking at all the spring market pictures that have been posted online.


Wow, you got a lot of comments for this post. But then, maybe you always do. I was interested in reading what everyone had to say. I don't go to quilt market, but sure wish I could sometime. I have some of the French General fabrics stashed away, just love them but can't decide what to do with them. Your quilt is going to be fantastic. I have moved from the reproduction fabrics and into the bright, cheerful prints. Grey, Black and White do not appeal to me, although I do like to use white with bright happy colors. Trying to finish up a Pemberley done in Southern Vintage whish is just a touch softer than reproduction, but just cant seem to get excited about the fabrics.

Rose M. Appel

love your blog. always look forward to seeing your next project. last year I hit a bad slump,some of it for personal reasons ,around November I saw a simple strip quilt and that was it . I made a promise to finish some of those quilts sitting around ,revisiting some of my older materials and blocks made me want to finish and wonder why they had been set aside . during my slump I read and did work on my knitting . In the end maybe that was all I needed,just a change of interest for a time.


I think we all go through this now and then. I find that sticking to 'collections' or 'bundles' really stifles my desire to quilt. It all looks just the same. It's easy to pull together a quilt from them but there's no imagination there. Sometimes you just need a break.

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