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June 18, 2019


T Holzer

Her quilt looks great! I hope she caught the quilting bug for life!!

Robby H.

Some quilts just need to "age" for just the right time to give them. What lovely gift you gave this young woman in teaching her about quilting.

Mary Kastner

Great story! Thx for sharing it.

Debbie R.

Nice story! Beautiful quilt!


That quilt will be a great finished surprise for her sister! And, a lesson in UFO finishes for your student! I hope someone takes a picture of 'the' moment!

Barbara Anne

What a happy quilt, a wonderful story , and best of all: a happy ending! Love the swirling quilting pattern, tooo. Another best is that your young friend has another quilt to be proud of and she's likely to carry on quilting for lots of fun in her future - thanks to an excellent and rnthusiastic quilting teacher and friend.


Donna Workman

What pattern is this?


Love the story and the quilt and I'm sure big sister will love and treasure it and one day it'll become a family heirloom.


Teach a person to fish... What a great story! Love the quilt pattern she chose too!



Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful quilt, beautiful story.

Bonnie Anderson

I bet there will be tears of happiness. It is beautiful!


Such a great story!


Great story! Her big sister is going to love the quilt.


I love it! What a great story, and wonderful experience for your young friend who did a beautiful job on that quilt!


Quilts come with stories.


What an awesome quilt and story! I remember when you used to post about her and her quilting "classes".

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