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June 12, 2019


Cherie in St Louis

An umbrella would provide some shade and a cooling neck wrap would help. The older I get, the more heat takes it out of me :(

Amy L

Hmm, our pool has a sheltered patio, and tables with umbrellas which is where parents would hang while watching practice. Maybe a golf umbrella would help?


We belonged to to a swim club when my daughter was a child and I tried to interest her in joining the swim team, thought it would be good exercise and fun. And one of her friends did it (that girl went on to swim in high school and college and now coaches a high school team). So my girl asked me what they do on swim team and I said they practice swimming nearly every day then have races with kids from other swim clubs. Her response, "What's the point of that?" Girl still does not have much sense of competition.

From the sun standpoint, might have been just as well because I'm a redhead, burn-never-tan, and generally avoid the sun if possible (when not possible, use much sunscreen). They did have a canopied seating area at our club though.

I hope Eva enjoys it as the summer progresses; I know you will enjoy watching her.


My kids did swim team for many years. Usually there were canopies available for shade. We had a variety of chairs with clip on umbrellas that we would bring both during practice and meets. I miss those days. Great people and fun times. Wish I had been more careful about my sunscreen application!

Barbara Anne

You might try a wide brim hat if an umbrella would block the view of others and certainly one of those cool collars.

You might also suggest the pool install some sort of shade for the safety of all observers. Enjoy!
Oh, and I cannot tolerate heats anymore either.


Mary Kastner

Swimteam is basically all I am getting accomplished this summer. The heat has been awful here the past two days. Get a foldable chair with an umbrella and pack it everywhere you go. Today for me is practice this morning and swimmeet at 5 pm. This week because school is out we start two meets a week.i sound like I am complaining a lot but truthfully I love watching my girls. They are growing up so fast!


I have no experience with this, but the chair with an attached umbrella sounds like something worth the investment! Sun screen for both you & Eva with extra for when she gets out of the water after practice. You'll come up with a solution & have more wonderful memories of these years with your grand girl. She'll never forget it, I promise you. 🥰


All these other comments are great, but please remember to drink lots and lots of water to hydrate while out in the heat! It really makes a difference. Sports drinks are good, too, as they replace lost potassium and balance quickly. (They come in sugar-free now.) I feel for you, as I cannot tolerate the heat, and wilt quickly. Take good care.

Robby H.

Camp chair with an umbrella, a neck wrap and tons of water. That said, as long as she knows you'll be gone for a bit, no reason you can't go to Starbucks when you want. It will help her grow her independence & focus to not have you nearby all the time. As a former kid in the pool, I can say she will eat more than you expect and my mom enforced "Quiet Time" every afternoon in the cool indoors even in HS. We certainly weren't expect to nap, but rest our bodies some in the heat of the day even if it was reading or playing a board game in front of a fan. One summer involved an epic game of cards that extended over weeks.


I too think I had a bit of overheating one day. Working out in my yard, I started to sweat, big drops of sweat falling from my forehead. I NEVER SWEAT! Anyway, I was out for two days recovering.Be careful! When my kids did swim team I was a lot younger, but still needed to take an umbrella. No shade in the stands. There is also some kind of towel that you can wet and put around your neck to keep you cool. My hubby uses it when he does competition. Just be careful and stay hydrated.


p.s. you also might consider staying in you car with the AC on :-)


What about taking an umbrella and lots of water to stay cool and hydrated? You certainly don't want to miss watching her swim events.


I was never a good swimmer and till this day I don't enjoy it mainly do to all the chemicals they put in the water.
All the above advices for staying cool sound great but personally I would prefer the Starbucks idea;-)


oh, how wonderful for Eva. She will make friends that will probably last through high school. I can't take the heat either. :( I also burn badly. I'm surprised they don't have canopies set up?

I know this sounds weird but an acupuncturist told me to do this and it really helps: Add a few grains of the pink Himalayan salt to your water every time you drink a glass. The salt will help your body hold onto the water instead of just going right through you. It has really helped me with a dry mouth and to stay hydrated.


From the perspective of a swim instructor, Eva will gain far more than swimming skills. Life skills of discipline, persistence, teamwork and more. The fitness she achieves will be long lasting, meaning that she'll will develop the discipline and desire to stay fit though out her life. I will add that being on a swim team requires a commitment from both the participant and their parent. A commitment that will have long rewards. I hope you both the best and that you stay with it.

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