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June 26, 2019



I have a friend who takes her machine on her boat. Not sure how she operates it, but it's there anyway!


If there isn't an outlet for the machine, take your cutting supplies! A good haul, and happy birthday.


Happy birthday. I find that just reading about quilting is good enough.


You'd have to invest in one of those pop up tents for shade and of course, a long electrical cord! Perhaps easier to take along a book. Happy Birthday.


Your FQS gift certificates were well spent! For now, you can admire the pretty new fabrics & when school begins you'll have more time to sew. The canopies look like a welcome addition to poolside--I hope there enough for spectators, as well!

Stephani in N. Tx

I see quilts in your future. Those FQS gifts won't languish on your shelf for sure. Lots of triangles in your future too. I love how you've gotten over doing triangles and flying geese. I still cringe or run from quilts that have them in the multitudes. Glad there's an attempt at shade poolside. Tough to be watching happy wet swimming people while dressed and sweating on the sidelines.

Kathy Czuprynski

Don’t you just love Fat Quarter Shop? My mother’s day certificates also went quickly! Enjoy little Eva’s swimming exploits. My little swim team girls are across the country so I get updates from their parents.

Mary Kastner

Great choices Nicole. happy Birthday belated from me!

Barbara Anne

You'll need a bib as you might drool on these delicious fabrics! Your family certainly know how to show their love for you! Of course, you chose well, too. "Laundry Baskets looks daunting to me so am interested to see how quickly you make a start at those HSTs!

Poolside, you might sweat on the fabrics so that might be unwise. :)

A belated Happy Birthday to you!


Debbie R.

Happy belated Birthday! What a thoughtful family, giving the gift of fabric! Nice choices. I look forward to seeing your progress on the Laundry Baskets quilt, when you get to it. Her patterns are beautiful. As for sewing poolside, I think some applique or hand-piecing is in order. Enjoy the summer!


Happy belated Birthday and great purchases!
Perhaps you can take some hand sewing (EPP or embroidery) with you to the pool? Or at least handstitch some binding down.


Happy belated birthday! You have trained your family right to get those gift certificates! Lovely fabrics.


LOVE that pattern! When school is back you must start this pattern! ;p


Happy birthday. You did some fabulous shopping. It would be a great photo of you and your featherweight machine poolside

Robby H.

Happy birthday! I think you'll be very happy whenever you get time to dig into this bounty. You've trained those gift givers well.


Happy Belated Birthday! You have such great taste! Love the fabric bundles you chose, don't you love when you get the gifts you want :)

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