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June 14, 2019


Mary Kastner

Perfect timing! I decided last night watching the Warriors game that some sort of corn salad was going to be on the menu for Father's Day. Now I actually have the recipe! Thanks Nicole! Have a great weekend.


That salad is so colorful & sounds delicious! I'll bet you'll get lots of use from that new sauté pan! Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Barbara Anne

Oh, yum! That salad looke delicious.

DH, DS2, and I all have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soay dish water so it's not a matter of hating cilantro as much as it's the fact it tastes awful. DS1 love cilantro which just goes to prove the genetics we learned in high school biology. :)


Lynda H

I have been playing with Mexican Street Corn receipies lately - yours is much healthier


I LOVE corn salad. I even make it with frozen white corn when fresh corn isn't available. ;p

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I made corn salad for Easter with much the same ingredients. But I didn’t cook my veggies. Except the corn, which I boiled before cutting it off the cob. I dressed it with oil oil and vinegar. No cilantro because my sister doesn’t like it.

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