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June 21, 2019



Loved seeing pictures of Ozzie. Whatever happened to his sister, the one you used to post about?

Patty Fowl

Treasure him! After those double digits hit, I found birthdays for my pups were bittersweet. I love that he has maintained his โ€œ personality โ€œ even as he has gotten older!

T Holzer

Oh hilarious, Nicole! His eyes in the pictures seem to say "I'm innocent!" Have a good one.


What a stinker. He sure is cute though. I found out we sew with the same sewing machine!


What a little scamp your adorable Ozzie is! I think he has a twin In my 2 ayear old Corgi (he has developed a penchant for sock chewing), but I wouldnโ€™t change his exuberant personality for anything!

Mary Kastner

You outdid yourself with this post. THE BEST! There seems to definitely be a pattern with your fabric and quilting equipment. I don't think you are getting the message.....just saying.



Happy birthday, Ozzie! I think your best posts are about that cutie pie's antics! But where is the picture of him stealing the glasses right off your husband's face??? THAT is right up there with the orange shoe fetish stage he went through 'back in the day'! Extra treats for him to celebrate & here's to many more! ๐Ÿถ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’•

Robby H.

He looks like a great companion, albeit a tad bit of a troublemaker. Wishing you many more adventure filled years together.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love this post. I can't believe its has been 12 years. I remember the orange shoes and how you kept your anger under control. I also remember the irons. What a scamp. Happy birthday, Oz. Youโ€™re a doozie.

Jean Thut

Love the walk down memory lane with Ozzie. I had many laughs at your expense ๐Ÿ˜€

Nancy Watkins

I always loved hearing about his little escapades. Happy Birthday Ozzie!

Barbara Anne

What a cute mischief-maker and those eyes speak volumes,! Happy Birthday, Ozzie!! Perhaps you can eat a real layer cake today?

I have a friend who has had to baby-proof her home because her long hair doxie eats anything that will fit in his mouth. He's also just turned 12.


Debbie R.

Ahh, dogs. You gotta love'em!


He is adorable. Even when he's naughty.


Happy Birthday Ozzie and although he's a little troublemaker he is really cute too!


lol. I had forgotten some of his antics. For some reason I thought he was much bigger than 25 lbs. Our girl turned 12 in April. She has slowed down but is still very affectionate. ;p

Linda Smith

He IS cute. That lets him get away with a lot...

Sherry V.

Because of Ozzie I have made applications with several rescue groups for Welsh Terriers. The breed is not very popular here on the East Coast.

I love seeing & hearing about his antics. . .they always make me smile.

Happy Birthday Ozzie . . . . may you have many more!


I absolutely love these stories and remember many of them. Enjoy. What a friend and companion.


I remember most of those silly photos and the laughs they brought. He was(is) so cute! But TWELVE years! Can it be??? Thank you for sharing him and your life over all those years. I don't miss a post; always interested in what you are up to.


Omg! Happy birthday Ozzie! I was laughing out loud at his antics! So fun for sure, always love hearing about him ๐Ÿ˜€


What a great friend he is to you and the memories are such a warm and wonderful thing you will always laugh at!


He's adorable! Happy birthday Ozzie!


Happy Birthday to your Ozzie. What a scamp he has been. I remember thinking you were pretty patient with him as all those shoes got chewed!


Oh I had to laugh! If you remember we had an Airdale and she would get into her share of scrapes as well. The best one was stealing a whole roast off the grill when my husband turned his back for a split second. Happy birthday Ozzie!

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