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June 10, 2019



I’m thinking of using liquid starch somehow when I have a huge group of fabrics to cut. I would keep the scraps separate so I would know they have starch. Recently I starched a jelly roll and I didn’t like it afterward, some of my strips were wonky although I waited for them to dry before ironing.


Can't wait to see more! And I know about a ridicilious fabric stash but it doesn't stop me from buying more;-)


Lovely assortment of fabrics, I just think scrappy quilts are the best. I looked the quilt you are making up just to see what you are making and it is a great looking block. Cant wait to see yours come together.


Looking forward to seeing your blocks that come from these beautiful fabrics. Have fun today!

Mary Kastner

That is one awesome bunch of strips. MIssion accomplished. Now you get to do the fun part'. Great job.

T Holzer

I'm excited to see your blocks! And I think your quilt will be even nicer that the quilt you showed in your last post!

Robby H.

Looks like you're off to a great start with those beautiful fabrics. Onward!

Barbara Anne

What a glorious and delicious array of fabrics and they are bound to make a wonderful quilt! Well done in getting all of the strips cut and starched and I must know if you actually had 10 bottles of spray starch on hand!?

Have fun with Mis E. :)



Your summer is off & running! 😎 Enjoy the busy day with Eva! Home schooling & crafts topped off with a movie?! Sounds perfect!

Sharon Tucker

Do you make your own spray starch? super easy and super cheap.


um, that fabric looks gorgeous hanging on the railing! I'd keep them there the entire time you work on this project. ;p

it's gonna be gorgeous!

Nancy Watkins

I cannot wait to see your quilt! I wanted to try this one but I just have too much going on right now. You are such an inspiration Nicole!


Off to a great start and I do just the same thing with starching....takes a bit of time but has to be done . Can't wait to see these blocks take shape... Enjoy your day with Eva!

Debbie R.

What a lovely sight, with all your strips starched and ready to go! It's going to be a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see your progress.


I imagine a cat helping you with all those hanging strips!

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