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July 19, 2019


Stephani in N. TX

Love your petunia story. We grow pansies in the cold TX winter. They will bloom even after a snowfall. But they get leggy and like to be cut back and hit with fertilizer now and again. Photos of your GD will be precious to you after this summer of sitting out during her lessons. I have just finished a quilt with Ann's Arbor and 20 years of scraps from Laurie Minick. I saved every bit I had and used most of it to make Triple Star by Kim Brackett. Going to the quilter this week. Keep on with your binding.You'll have a dreamy quilt soon.

Robby H.

This sounds like a darn good summer. Thanks for the book suggestion.

Mary Kastner

Progress is definitely difficult with grandkids swimming. It is pretty much consuming most of my time too. BUT I will say I really do like watching them a lot. I started the season hauling a bag of appliqué with me to practice but gave up on that idea. They will only be this age once and I know my time is limited and worth every minute.have a great weekend at the swim meet! The season is winding down and they will be back in school in a month. hard to believe!



Eva looks cute in her swim suit and great that there's a professional photographer for the girls. The pictures will be precious for the families. Will Eva will continue with her swim class when summer is over?
Had to laugh about your deer story that's so funny!
I love Rhys Bowen's A Royl Spyness series but I need to check out this book too.


I'm having a slow and relaxing summer too - reading, some sewing, but no grandchild to take to the pool yet.


bonus: you get to see pretty deer in your front yard and not be mad at them! ;p

we are having a very lazy summer, too. isn't it wonderful?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your Liberty Road quilt. I’ve made one block with my pattern. I used it as a label for my “Star Spangled Summer” quilt. Someday I hope to make a quilt with the pattern.


Good tip about the petunias. They are so pretty but what a job it is dead-heading them to keep them looking good. Who knew the deer would do the job for me!
I'll add Rhys Bowen to my list of authors to check out. I love a good mystery!

Barbara Anne

How did I miss this post?

Eva looks charming as always and I hope she's properly pround of herself and her swimming successes. :)

Well done on the quilt binding, especially since your summer schedule has been so busy. I loved the petunia story, too, and will give that a try soon.

I always love a recommendation of a good author so will check out Rhus Bowen. Thanks!



Eva is too cute and funny! Reminds me of the Ramona series which would so be a Ramona thing to do 😂 Love your potted plants too, will have to do something similar but no deer here to nibble them down 😍

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