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July 03, 2019



I have a huge container filled with these HST from quilting. Some are only an inch. I wonder if I’ll ever use them?


Love to the gooney bird. Best way to spend summer!

Mary Kastner

Oh my goodness! That is very ambitious IMHO. makes me feel a little guilty about my tossing!


Barbara Anne

How sweet it is!



Who says you can't have it all?? You get time with an adorable grandgirl along with some time to do a little sewing! Enjoy your time together! 😎😎


I did this with my last project too ... now I just need to trim my HSTs and put them into a project.

Debbie R.

Good idea to work and save towards a "free" project. I sew/save/trim too. And occasionally I even use those HSTs for something. A table runner. A block for a comfort quilt. Some day they will speak to you, and you will be so happy to have them!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Waste not, want not. Happy 4th, Nicole, to you and yours.


I love getting bonus HSTs! I sew them on both sides of the marked line before I cut them to avoid the bias.

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