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July 22, 2019



I always loved Currant, but they've discontinued it. If it comes back, give it a try.

Nancy Watkins

Thank you for the heads up on the sale. I just bought a bunch of their foam soaps from their twice-a-year sale. I just saw that they have new scents out and was thinking about checking them out but now you gave me a few more to try. I am on it Nicole! 😊

Barbara Anne

How delightful and it's always good to find things on sale! Thank you. :)



The S'Mores candle container is a cute little thing! And, it coordinates well with your table topper! Mmmmm...I can almost smell it from here!

Arrowhead Gramma

Love the Bath & Body candles. The fragrance lasts the entire burning of the candle, unlike the Yankee candles.

One of my favs for fall is the Cinnamon Pumpkin Swirl.

Mary Kastner

Thanks Nicole. Good info.



I love candles and recently discovered the Bath and Body Works candles. They are awesome! I think you can even recycle the nice containers they come in for filling up with goodies. Will have to try your s'mores one!


Bath & Body Works and White Barn candles are the bomb! Love them and once a year they have a fantastic sale on them, watch for it coming up soon. I also recycle some of the jars. After washing them I drilled a hole in the center of the top. From Hobby Lobby I bought a small glass door knob and put it in place. Filled the jar with cotton balls, q-tips, etc. for the bathroom or wherever! You gotta smell Sweater Weather!

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