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July 05, 2019



Great picture and story! Hopefully, your young friend will continue quilting.
I would write a longer comment, but I have to get back to reading The River. It's so good!

Mary Kastner

SO sweet. The look of pride on her face is priceless. It has to make you so happy for helping in this quilt.


Debbie R.



She looks so proud of the finished quilt! And you can be proud of introducing her to the correct methods to use! I agree that mentoring/helping a new quilter is very satisfying! I love to do binding & recently did a program for our local art quilt group. They're fabulous fiber artists, but had some trouble with the final binding. Your tutorial link is my go-to reference & was included my hand-out instructions.

Barbara Anne

How sweet it is! You're right - both facial expressions are priceless and the quilt is a delight!

Well done all.



I’m actually hoping to get my grandson involved in quilting. He’s only 4, but there’s no time like the present, right? I figure that if we do a little bit at a time, he will have a picnic quilt in a couple years. (I helped him make mitten warmers for Christmas and he enjoyed the process a lot and was very proud).




a sweet quilt story.


What a great story and she looks so happy! You did good :)


So sweet! I've helped young quilters get a start, and they often by pass me in their ability :-)

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