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July 25, 2019



I love the Seven Sisters series. I have read all except the last two, and so enjoy Lucinda Riley's writing. You have several other titles listed that I've not read, so I have some to add to my list. Thanks!


Nicole, I always enjoy your book reviews.

When I'm in a reading slump I like to listen to book podcasts, even though I'm not reading, just listening to people talk intelligently about books they love, or sometimes don't love, keeps me connected to my reading life. And sometimes I get a book recommendation that boosts me out of my slump.
Here are my 4 favorite reading podcasts:
Currently Reading - two reading friends talk about their bookish lives and press great books into the listeners hands.
From the Front Porch - a podcast from a book store owner.
Sarah's Book Shelves Live - good guests and book reviews, she doesn't hold back.
What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel - where a guest shares what they are reading now, their 3 favorite books of all time and a book they didn't care for. Anne then picks some new reads for the guest based on this info. I love hearing about the guests favorite reads and why.

Most of these podcasts also have blogs, for folks that aren't into podcasting.

T Holzer

Morning, Nicole. I just read the Seven Sisters and I'm hooked! Except I know that I have the Storm Sister somewhere in my house but I can't find it! Augh. The River is now in my amazon cart. I started reading Elizabeth George's Thomas Linley 18 book series and I'm about halfway through them. She started writing them in the late 80's and I think she's still writing. I hope you find some sewing time in between your books!!

Barbara Anne

What a delight to find more book suggestions! joy!! Will add these authors to my library list.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks for the book suggestions. I’ve been thinking of giving THE RIVER a try. So now I’m putting git on my list.


I would like to sign up for the blog but cannot figure out how. Is there a way?

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