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July 15, 2019


T Holzer

Wow! I've never tried sushi, so I don't know anything about it, but it all looks incredible! And you look beautiful, Nicole. A night to remember!!

Stephani in N. TX

Beautiful food that just goes on and on. looks so partyful! Loved your hairdo, makes me wish I hadn't tired of long locks and had it cut in a million layers, shorter, but not short. So,now it's just meh, medium. Love the chopsticks idea, goes with...nicely done.


Heaven is right! What a great party! Love sushi. Your hair was perfect for a perfect evening. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Kastner

Looks like a fantastic party. Really awesome food and drink. You look fantastic too!


What a delicious, unique party! 🍣🍥 Your outfit & hair are perfect for the occasion! First Class all the way!

Debbie R.

Wow! Looks fabulous, as do you. And now I feel like i really should try oysters.

Barbara Anne

How amazing and what a stellar idea your SIL had! Your outfit and hair were perfect. Oh, we've got green and orange chop sticks if you ever need them!



That sounds like a special evening indeed! Good idea to have the chef come to you!


Wow, looks like a wonderful party. You look great too, I like your hair style and the scarf.


You look wonderful and your hair was amazing!
The food looks yummy but honestly I tried oysters once and didn't find them so delicious.



Susan Ramey Cleveland

Looks like fun. Like your hairdo.


How fun and awesome outfit! I wonder if there are any people in the East Bay that do this? Such a fun party idea.

Jennifer in Indy

Wow, that looks like the best party ever! And your hair looks great :)

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