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July 11, 2019



I cannot tell you anything about the fungus but there is a similar white fungus around my geraniums which are also in a wooden planter. It's been so wet here in the St. Louis area that I wasn't surprised to see it. Fungus spores can become airborne but my first thought the same as yours, it was in the soil.

Nancy Watkins

It is a pretty little mushroom looking fungus but I am with you, and I would be scared to use my herbs.

Barbara Anne

Well done on your progree on the two projects! It's summertime, so schedules can just go with the flow despite our best intentions. Enjoy!

I have a book about fungus so will see what I can find out. As has been said, don't eat it until you know all about it - of course!


Barbara Anne

Check this out:


Mary Kastner

NO idea about the fungus but you are doing better at the sewing machine than I am. Can't wait to see what you are doing!

Robby H.

You can contact your local county extension office and they can likely give you good advice about that garden interloper. Good luck!

Katherine G Fluegel


I am trying to locate the instructions for a particular quilt. It looks like a present with a flower appliqued in the upper left quarter. I could count the rows and stuff but a pattern with instructions would be great. Can you help me?
Katie Fluegel


Looks like you are making great progress to me. Summertime is meant to do enjoyable activities!

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